STEM Alliance, STE(A)M IT & Scientix Webinar: Meet the Innovators - Kotokan & Notebloc

Date & time: Thursday, 18 November 2021 at 17:00 CET (Central European Time)


A STEM Alliance, STE(A)M IT & Scientix webinar was hosted on Thursday, 18 November 2021 at 17:00 CET. We invited Kotokan and Notebloc start-ups, experts in STEM teaching innovation, entrepreneurs who found themselves in STEM innovation without a degree in science, to talk about their solutions to improve STEM education. Attendees had the opportunity to ask our guest speakers, Carmen, Bente and Maria, questions about how STEM careers can be fostered in the classroom.


Kotokan: Kotokan is the maths problem-solving platform powered by a community of teachers, with thousands of maths interactive problems, organised by curricular categories and by grades. A fun problem-solving platform, Kotokan helps children aged 7-12 learn thinking skills through mathematics. Kotokan also allows teachers to generate their own interactive content for their students and share it with the community. With Kotokan, teachers save time, easily plan their lessons, follow up on students' progress, and customize math problems, while their students engage and enjoy.

Notebloc: Notebloc is a start-up which aims to bring innovation and technology into stationery and education. Its mobile app, Notebloc Scanner, transforms any smartphone or tablet into a scanner and document organizer. The app, which currently has more than 8 million downloads worldwide, allows students and teachers to quickly digitize their notes, homework or exams, and study and share documents no matter where they are. Notebloc Scanner is 100% safe and private, meaning that Notebloc does not have access to any user data or scanned documents, making it ideal to be used in an educational setting. Notebloc's main purpose is to help students be more productive, learn, stay organized and share their notes or school documents among other students and/or teachers.



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