Are you from a school?

Do you want to organise exciting and special activities to improve STEM education? Do you want to benefit from STEM Education programme of leading companies in Europe? Do you want to share your innovative ideas and original actions to tackle STEM subjects and careers with your pupils in the classroom and outside of the school?

Are you from a company?

Are you actively engaged in reducing the STEM skills gap? Are you willing to develop your STEM Education strategy? Do you want to give visibility to your leading edge resources on STEM careers and education? Are you interested to collaborate closely with education actors?

We want you for STEM!

During STEM Discovery Week on 22-29 April 2016 we celebrated the opportunities business-education collaboration offers to schools and companies to improve STEM teaching, learning and careers.

During STEM Discovery Week, teachers, industries and students got involved & supported the STEM Alliance, organised their own STEM events, participated in the STEM4You competition and engaged in the European online event.

22 to 29 April was STEM Discovery Week, celebrating STEM Careers and studies!

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People participated in STEM Discovery Week by submitting their STEM-related event to be featured on our event map

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STEM Discovery Events Map

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During the STEM Discovery Week (22-29 April 2016), organise an event to present your extraordinary activities. Are you from a school? Do something out of the ordinary with your pupils & Share with the world why STEM education and careers matter Are you from a company? Collaborate with schools

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Schools can submit their entries in two categories: STEM Discovery Event and Video contest.




STEM Discovery Events Map

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