Past campaigns

Back2School Campaign

From 26 September to 7 October, STEM Alliance carried out the Back2School campaign to establish a closer connection between industry and education. Companies wished happy back to school 2016 to all teachers and pupils by actively participating in the campaign with online and face-to-face events aimed at sharing experience and best practices. Another competition has also given teachers and students the opportunity to win great prizes!

STEM Discovery 2016 Campaign 

The STEM Discovery campaign, focused on the growing necessity in experts and professionals in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, has reached its culmination! The campaign, which started in March 2016, aimed to improve STEM education across Europe and facilitate the relationship between industries, organisation involved in STEM Education (science clubs, teacher associations, science museum, university or another organisation involved in STEM Education) and schools in order to achieve this goal. Read more about the campaign results and events here.

Skilling Up the Next Generation for an Innovative Europe - Together!

Skilling Up for Europe

On 24 November 2016, in Brussels, business leaders, ministries of education, teachers and EU leaders met to discuss the future of youth skills, employability and education across the region. The event Skilling Up the Next Generation for an Innovative Europe – Together! was hosted by Microsoft and co-organised by CSR Europe and European Schoolnet. 

The event also included an award ceremony for the finalists of the STEM4YOU competition, organised by STEM Alliance as part of the STEM Discovery campaign in April 2016. 13 teachers received recognition for their efforts in promoting STEM subjects and careers in their schools through innovative practices and methods. STEM Alliance also released its first publication, "Setting the Scene: ICT in STEM Education – Impacts and Challenges", which presents and analyses the ways STEM education can improve students' learning outcomes and skills development with the help of ICT, and how businesses can support education in these developments.


"All-STEM, All-Stars" Competition

STEM Alliance carried out the "All STEM, All Stars" competition from September 2016 to March 2017. Teachers were invited to organise events, create videos and report about different issues in STEM education. More than one hundred teachers participated submitting more than 230 entries across Europe displaying how they engaged students in STEM teaching. If you want to check the winners of the competition as well as the shortlisted entries and the categories of the competition, click here.

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