Diversity in STEM Competition - Resources

Participants of the STEM career resources category:

Step 1: Created a learning or teaching resource that explains about career(s) in STEM, related to one or several of the following themes (more information provided about each theme and the creation of the resource in the guidelines):

  1. Programming, coding or related technological fields
  2. Sustainable innovation
  3. Any other themes related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The resources that they create was:

  • a lesson plan
  • a video interview
  • an animation
  • a presentation
  • a guide
  • an info sheet
  • any other informative materials that can be used by other teachers to showcase careers in STEM.

Step 2: Filled in the submission form.

Step 3: (Optional) If was resource related to coding and digital literacy, participants could submit an entry to the Code Week map about the learning activity you created. 

The competition guidelines are available here.

The evaluation of Diversity in STEM competition entries is now in the hands of our jury. Results and certificates will be shared in January 2019.