Topic 2 - Initial Teacher Education

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Implementing methodologies for teachers' assessment and evaluation, although very useful, is not the only way to ensure they excel in their performance. In fact, it is highly recommendable to always pair evaluation methodologies with further initiatives that fully support the professional development of STEM educators.

For that matter, Initial Teacher Education and Continuing Professional Development are essential. By offering different training opportunities, STEM educators will be able to develop their pedagogical skills and to continuously grow their expertise in innovative technologies and ICT for educational purposes, among other training outcomes. Additionally, by engaging in formal or informal professional networks, teachers will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and good practices with like-minded peers.

Open questions

  1. Did you receive any sort of Initial Teacher Education (formal or informal) when you first started working as a teacher?
  2. In your opinion, are there enough opportunities in terms of Continuing Professional Development in your country? Are you following any training of the sort, at the moment?
  3. Can you think of any other practices that could help teachers grow professionally?
  4. Are you a member of any formal or informal professional network? Has it been beneficial for you? In which way?