CoP 2 - IT skills and coding in the classroom!


This Community of practice (#2) is designed to last 2 weeks, from the 26th of September to the 7th of October, 2016. A step further from the previous community, this second edition brings a new approach, combining two different modules which include videos, learning materials and discussion spaces. Besides, don't forget to click around as much as you can to discover all the resources provided. 
And if your busy schedule doesn't allow you to complete all the activities proposed, don't worry! All content will remain accessible in the STEM Alliance website even after the community is finished.

A number of tasks will be included in each module. At the end of the learning event, you will receive a digital certificate, provided you meet the following requirements: 

  1. You have registered correctly as a user in the STEM alliance website

  2. You have completed all tasks assigned per activity block while being logged in the website

  3. You have completed the Certificate Survey with your data, for us to send you the certificate  

Overall, we encourage all of you to share and discuss materials, opinions or experiences related to the topic via various online tools, integrated directly into each module. We would also like to encourage you to share your ideas and thoughts via Twitter using the #back2stem hasthag.  

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Module 1:
How to Teach Coding?

Module 2:
Fun and Games with Coding!


Master of Science in Education - Administration and School Organization, Rui Lima is a teacher at Col├ęgio Monte Flor since 2001, where he is currently Head Teacher. Collaborated with European Schoolnet in ASPECT and EQNet projects focusing on evaluation of digital educational resources and since 2007 is involved in partnership projects under programs such as eTwinning, Challenge 20/20, Comenius and Erasmus +. In 2011, in Washington, was considered by Microsoft one of the 18 most innovative teachers in the world, and since then collaborates with Microsoft in several training initiatives and as an adviser.

Between 2013 and 2015 was Lead Teacher in Creative Classrooms Lab Project, related to the implementation of Tablets in the classroom, being simultaneously involved in the iTEC project, in collaboration with Promethean. For the second consecutive year he is involved in the initiative of the Ministry of Education "Introduction to Programming in Primary Schools" as teacher trainer in the use of Kodu in learning.



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