Part 2 – What to focus on when teaching coding

1. Focus on collaboration

Specifically, on making students' work much more effective while developing the kind of collaborative skills that students require. This is the basic idea of Pair Programming, a method where students discuss their work together and clearly understand that good programming is as much about good communication as it is about understanding code. It is important to implement this method in early stages in your classes, so that students can realize the importance of working together. 

2. Focus on engaging girls

It is well-known that, in many countries, girls only make a small percentage of students taking up computing related subjects at high school and university, making it essential to deal with this problem from an early age.

Is this the case in your country? If so, how would you solve it? Why do you think girls are not that engaged in computing science? Can you think about good strategies to engage girls in computing topics? How do you address this challenge in your classroom? 

3. Focus on links across subjects

A significant aspect of teaching computing is to do so from a broad perspective, while highlighting its relevance in students' everyday lives. While many of us still think in regard to separated areas of knowledge (such as maths, history, art or computing) it is important to break out such thinking and to explore the links between subjects. This is specifically relevant in computer studies due to its relevance in regard to a number of other fields as well as to many of our activities in our personal and professional lives. 

4. What to focus on next? 

If you want to have a deeper knowledge of what to focus on when teaching computing, we recommend to have a look at these key ConceptsMethods and Computational Thinking Characteristics that are progressively being integrated in computing curricula, outlined by Professor Hubwieser. 

Task 2: We want to know what your fears and concerns when teaching coding are. Contribute to this tricider, an online tool for easy brainstorming and voting

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