Continous Professional Development (CPD)

This section contains a set of online pedagogical activities led by designated experts, where participants have the opportunity to engage in a lively debate on various topics related to STEM education and learn how to develop teaching skills and develop professionally.

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)

The Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are a series of online training activities made available over the Internet free of charge to a very large number of people. Educators can benefit immensely from the subjects and practices taught by the online courses in order to improve their abilities and advance professionally.

The main audience for our MOOCs is primary school teachers and secondary school STEM teachers, school principals and career counsellors, while primary and secondary school teachers of any other subjects are also welcome to participate.

The MOOCs generally last for a certain amount of weeks and include a set number of learning modules, carried out individually by participants, in which they will engage directly with the learning material provided by the course. The workload is estimated to be a few hours per week but it can be tailored according to the participants need in the most flexible fashion.

As for assessment strategies and evaluation methodologies for the MOOCs, quizzes, peer reviews and self-reviews are generally used. At the end of the MOOC, digital badges and digital certificates are made available for the course participants.


 MOOC for Teachers

MOOC for Head of Schools and Councellors


Community of Practices (CoP)

The communities of practice online moderated discussion with ideas to discuss, an array of open questions to engage participants in the discussion and a set of resources for those interested in exploring more about the topic. The theme of discussion revolves around the subjects of STEM job attractiveness and/or of innovative STEM teaching. The communities last for two weeks each and cover a specific topic of choice.

Between two and three professionals from the industry sector and/or from other sectors act as experts and share their knowledge with the CoP participants, teachers or other education professionals.


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