STEM Alliance, Scientix and Lenovo webinar: Lenovo Competition – Turning Waste into Educational Wonder

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Date & time: Thursday, 14 September 2023 at 17:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)

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On September 14 at 17:00 CEST, the STEM Alliance, Scientix and Lenovo will organised the webinar "Lenovo Competition – Turning Waste into Educational Wonder".

Lenovo is committed to a smarter, more sustainable future. Their holistic approach, called the smarter circular approach, ensures products are eco-friendly throughout their lifecycle. By using biodegradable and recyclable materials, Lenovo leads the way in minimizing waste and prioritizing sustainability.

In this webinar, Lenovo's experts introduced the company's sustainability-driven project promoting STEM engagement through creative reuse of packaging materials, and the Competition "Turning Waste into Education Wonder", organised with STEM Alliance and Scientix. At the end of the event there was a Q&A session for participants to ask their questions to the presenters.

The Competition calls for educators in primary and secondary schools in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to explore Lenovo's Activity Booklet, draw inspiration from the proposed activities, and develop a new and creative project fostering students' creative and innovative thinking.

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Marine Rabeyrin

Marine Rabeyrin,
Lenovo EMEA Education Segment Director

As the EMEA Education Segment Director, Marine is leading Lenovo strategic focus to bring smart and sustainable solutions for Education across Europe, Middle East and Africa. She has been working in the PC industry and IT solution for 20 years, first at IBM then at Lenovo. She is very much involved in promoting Diversity & Inclusion in Tech industry and most particularly in Artificial Intelligence and the promotion of STEM careers for girls. She is leading different national and international cross-companies initiatives like the Women & IA Pledge from Cercle InterElles. She was honored to receive the "Sales Women of the industry" award in France in 2020.



Luca Scalzullo

Luca Scalzullo,
Technology teacher at Rita Levi Montalcini Comprehensive Institute of Salerno

Technology teacher at the Rita Levi Montalcini Comprehensive Institute of Salerno, but also chemical engineer, university researcher, teachers trainer on teaching methods and new technologies in the school, cartoonist, writer in his spare time, actor, sportsman, chess player, and full-time father. Basically it's what I do to fill my days. Actually everything I am and everything I do it is due to a single principle, CURIOSITY. A lifetime is not enough to learn everything, but it is enough to observe and learn all the new things that cross my path. I like to discover and tell secrets of science and technology in a simple way and STEM activities and Tinkering are the best way to do it. School is a springboard for all of this and my kids are wonderful learning catalysts. Their questions, their desire to discover the world is what fills my life. Here then, at the end of this short, strange bio, what I do for a living. I walk with my son and my students on the roads of the world in search of knowledge.






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At Lenovo we believe that Education is the foundation of a better future and are committed to STEM education. Lenovo delivers built-for-education solutions designed to enable safe, accessible learning for all. We empower teachers and learners with rugged, secure, manageable devices and engaging content to spark imagination and discovery in any learning environment.


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In joining the STEM Alliance, Intel seeks to align and collaborate with other alliance members to implement joint solutions which can reinvigorate STEM teaching and learning.



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Microsoft is pleased to be part of the STEM Alliance, to ensure close cooperation between Ministries of Education and industry in re-thinking STEM education across Europe.




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