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Knowledge and training in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and careers is the third key action of the STEM Alliance.

The STEM Alliance resources are a collection of STEM Initiatives provide information and links to successful projects and initiatives related to STEM education across the globe; Practices is our repository of approaches and materials provided by industries. In Practices you can browse through the available submissions or look for a specific subject or age group. In Practice Focus we take a closer look at a particularly effective practice and provides a deeper insight into its benefits. Publications is a collection of useful reading on relevant topics provided by our partners or other companies and institutions in Europe.

The STEM Alliance training supports the Continous Professional Development (CPD) of teachers and and company representatives, by giving them the opportunity to network and learn how to increase their collaboration, for example by organising joint initiatives or activities to raise awareness about STEM studies and careers. This includes online webinars.


Continous Professional Development (CPD)

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