"All-STEM, All-stars" Competition

STEM Alliance continues its efforts to drive forward innovation in STEM education across Europe. In this effort, STEM Alliance carried out the "All STEM, All Stars" competition from September 2016 to March 2017. Teachers were invited to organise events, create videos and report about different issues in STEM education.

 "All-STEM, All-stars" Competition Winners

The "All-STEM, All-Stars" competition is over! More than one hundred teachers participated submitting more than 230 entries across Europe displaying how they engaged students in STEM teaching. The jury selected the 12 winners that will be awarded with an all-expenses-paid trip to the STEM Alliance High Level Event that will be held in Brussels in December 2017. Click here to discover the winners!

"All-STEM, All-stars" Competition - Shortlisted entries

Here you can find a showcase of the shortlisted contributions to the competition for the three categories. For each category a number of entries have been selected to compete for the final. The winners were announced on the 5th June.

Video category    Events category    Community category


All-STEM, all-stars


Nada Stojicevic

The main aim of the video is to promote STEM with the vision of the world without and with STEM.

Teresita Gravina

My point of view about what it is important in teaching science nowadays.

Phyto-picture for computer class

Science & education, a role play

Світлана Попель

STEM-project made by students of grade 7 of Vishnivchik school for the purpose of interesting programming training.

Alicia Nimo

Video about dynamics carried out in our center to bring science to children. Has English subtitles!

The Voltaic battery


Seppe Hermans

I teach my students to make videos of their experiments. It helps them remember what they did and it's a fun way to integrate media skills into STEM. In this video they experimented with voltaic cells and explain what happens.



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All About Computers

The event introduces students - ages between 10-18 years old - to the subject of computer science (Games - Intro to Level Design; Programming - Hour of Code tutorialas) and facilitates exchange of ideas with experts in Computer Sciences using Skype. During these activities, students used Paint / Digital Art and STEM subjects as an inspiration to reate drawings, while older students worked on creating presentations.

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Celebrating Spring & STEM

"We did it ourselves!" is the moto of the event. The event facilitated students' interest in science and environment by participating in entertaining science projects. STEM event challenged students to solve real problems that exist around us. Students were focused on real-world problems and worked on developing solutions which aimed to improve skills such as cooperation, communication and team work.


Computer science week

The main objective of the event "Computer Science Week" is to promote computer science in primary education, to improve students knowledge in computer science and coding and to increase interest among students to study Computer. During the event different activities like QR code competition and Scratch workshop were organized.

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Cycling with science

Workshop for teachers and students of elementary schools on the use of Scientix and STEM Alliance resounces and Go Lab project ideas took place in Alghero, Italy which is the initial point for the Tour of Italy cycling race. A joint activity which involves sports and science was organized with the help of Alghero schools. Students from secondary schools of Alghero met with a group of primary school students and demonstrated 42 experiments in total. Here, on the bike path the new STEM adventure has begun...


Different kinds of bread production: Physics and sensory properties

This research project was carried out by 40 students. During the event students learnt about the nutritional components of different types of cereal flours, differences between dry and fresh yeast and chemical reaction produced when bread is fermenting. At Miguel Hernández University (UMH) students baked their own type of bread! And in the Interactive and Didactic Science Museum MUDIC students participated in a Health workshop.


Eco product

Students from School "Sv. Kliment Ohridski "carried out a research on how plastic bags are consumed in a household waste. They visited the factory for plastic bags production, where they learned the method of eco-wrap production and how to reuse plastic bags in order to preserve nature from the plastic pollution.


From school to college through STEM inquiry

This event took place at BEITH BERL college for education and teaching. 300 students from secondary school were invited to Science& Technology labs of Beith Berl college and there they were participated in inquiry based learning program. Students were exposed to the importance of STEM faculties and careers.


Incredible underwater world - Turtles, sharks, whales and coral

The event "INCREDIBLE UNDERWINATER WORLD" informs students between 10-18 years old about marine life. Students were given an overview of some most iconic and loved marine creatures: turtles, sharks, whales and coral. But what are coral creatures? What is the perfect habitat for turtles? How many different shark species are there? Where are the most whales located? Students got the answers!

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Inspiring Student's & Science Careers

The educational program on science careers entitled "Can we see …the black holes?" was implemented. Students worked like real scientists in order to characterize an object as a possible black hole. Teachers informied students about STEM careers and latest developments in astronomy, astrophysics and science. All the actions taken during the event are several parts of ONE ACTION towards Inspiring Students in Science Careers.


Pop science at university

Secondary school students were invited to send gifted and talented students to learn on STEM Careers, Science/Maths/Education Degrees and visit the Faculty of Science Labs


Project: STEM careers tour on Climate Change

Project uses inquiry based learning process to study a real world problem and aims to collect, identify, record and examine the significant differences in the environment in the recent years. -Use digital tools for processing data of climate parameters / variables associated with the climate change -Explore the scientific field of knowledge to examine ways of solving the problem. -Take a role of scientist to make decision on the problem. Subjects : STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) , biology, chemistry, geography.

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Save water - Save life

This event aimed to provide evidence of the importance of water in our daily life. Students discovered water in litearture, they create stories, poems, acrostich about water. To understand better water features students studied proprieties, uses and necesity of water in science class. They made experiments and learned by doing.


Spotlight on STEM Careers

The event was focused on STEM careers from three different perspectives across three key stages and age ranges. It was held across a fortnight and involved 3 different activities during both National Careers and British Science Week 2017 to highlight numerous career options available to students.


STEM - Bringing together Science & Technology

A discussion about STEM careers and the various technology that we can find around us took place in class. Students discussed different technologies that they use in the computer laboratory.


STEM - Where Science, Technology & Math are more than a subject

In the beginning of the event students were introduced to the indoors and outdoors activities related to Science, Technology and Mathematics. A brainstorming session about the various types of plants and their seeds was held in the lab. Students got to know that there are thousands of species of plants. In order to explore and investigate some of the facts they learned in the class, student participated in outdoors activity.


STEM OPPORTUNITIES - Inspiring young students for STEM jobs

For this event stakeholders and personnel from MCA delivered various sessions on robotics. Officers from MCA visited the school and made several presentations aimed at engaging children in STEM through the use of robots and the coding principles behind its movements.


STEM pizza

Information game for 12-13 years old students on the importance of STEM studies and careers was organised during the event.


STEM-Technology at School

During this event students practiced a number of programming concepts and creative thinking using Scratch. The main objective behind such sessions was to encourage students to engage in problem solving and to enhance their love for Science Technology & Maths subjects.


Using an Arduino board to study the human nervous system

Utilising the working sheets and the instructions of a free, volunteer-led, community-based programming club called CoderDojo Nafpaktos, the students of the first grade of Panou high school studied the effect of the audio-visual stimuli on the reaction time of fellow students and some of the school's academic staff with the use of low cost open technologies. For a biology lesson concerning the nervous system and in cooperation with the school's IT department the students programmed a circuit the combines a temperature detector, an LED lamp, a speaker, a button and an AUDUINO board.

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VIMS STEAM Integrated Education Week

The event took place at VIMS-International Meridian School in the format of Integrated Education during a whole week with a mixture of integrated STEAM lessons games, projects and workshops. It was all about HANDS ON LEARNING. Students found themselves engaged in different integrated activities and challenges during the process of learning.

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