Hot skills with STEM Alliance and Foundation for Transport: future technologies for transport

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Date & time:   Wednesday, 28 September 2022 at 17:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)


On September 28 at 17:00 CEST, the STEM Alliance, Scientix and Foundation for Transport organized the webinar "Hot skills with STEM Alliance and Foundation for Transport: Future technologies for Transport".

STEM is the heart of vocational training in transport. It must be accessible to everyone. Therefore, the Foundation for Transport is launching various initiatives to train the future generations in new technologies in transport by partnering with industry players and reaching out to youths of 14 years of age and more, to understand how STEM features in green transport, be it an aircraft, a sea-going vessel or land transportation.

During this webinar different career prospects were introduced, from aviation to maritime, to spark your students curiosity in the STEM jobs of the future in transport. The webinar opened with the testimonial from an 11-year-old student, passionate about STEM aviation. Then, a captain shared his experience in maritime jobs and a PhD researcher explained his research in innovative green technologies in the design of ships.


Jeanette Axisa

Jeanette Axisa,
Director General

This webinar was introduced by Jeanette Axisa, DIrector General of Foundation for Transport, who presented a range of initiatives to train future generations in new STEM technologies for transport and how they feature in green transport.

Jeannette Axisa holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Masters Degree in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship. She has also followed various executive education programmes in business management, public- private partnerships held in various international universities of repute. Her career covers ten years in business development in the private sector followed by twenty years in various positions in three Government Regulatory Authorities. Ms Axisa was also appointed a Project Leader of multi-million EU funded projects and is now a certified enterprise mentor and have since then been active with social enterprises. In 2020 she was appointed as Director General of the Foundation for Transport.

Mark Chapelle

Mark Chapelle,

In this webinar, we learned how to introduce maritime careers to students from Captain Mark Chapelle. Capt. Mark A. Chapelle MNI embarked on a cadetship in 1978, he relinquished this for several months and served on board ships as a rating in the capacity of efficient Deck Hand (EDH). However, he deemed it better to return to the Cadetship with Sea Malta Co. Ltd. and in 1984 qualified as Second Officer (OOW). There was no looking back and after becoming a Mate in June 1990 continued to eventually become a Master Mariner in 1996. Following almost 30 years at sea and 10 years of Command, he transferred to a shore job within the Merchant Shipping Directorate (MSD), Transport Malta, as the Senior Manager of the Technical Department. He is, since 2020, the Head of the Malta Hydrographic Office (MHO) which forms part of the Ports and Yachting Directorate, Transport Malt┬Ča.



Andrew Spiteri

Andrew Spiteri,
PhD Researcher at Liverpool John Moores University

Next, we heard from Andrew Spiteri on new transport career paths rendered possible by STEM. Andrew Spiteri is a marine engineer working within the area of maritime decarbonization. Andrew obtained his first degree from the University of Malta focusing on Industrial Engineering. Later he did his master's in Marine and Offshore engineering at Liverpool John Moores University. Currently, he is in his final year working on a green technology called Air Lubrication Systems with the aim of reducing emissions from shipping.




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Transport Malta is the Authority for Transport in Malta. As a government authority, Transport Malta was set up to assume the functions previously exercised by the Malta Maritime Authority, the Malta Transport Authority, and the Department of Civil Aviation.





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