STEM Alliance - Minecraft: Education Edition Competition 2022

STEM Alliance - Minecraft: Education Edition Competition 2022

Winners of the Competition

The winners of the 13 years old and younger category are:

  1. Lia Turkadze, Georgia, "Knowledge" world; Virginie Tijtgat, Belgium, "Connectedness" world.
  2. Sanja Bozinovic, Croatia, "Peaceburg" world; Jostein Kenneth Ryan, Norway, "Building for peace" world.
  3. Vladyslav Hrebelnyk, Ukraine, "House of Peace" world; Simonetta Anelli, Italy, "The path of Peace" world.

The winners of the 14 years old and older category are:

  1. Selçuk Yusuf Arslan, Turkey, "Muhammed Yunus and Social Entrepreneurship" world; Susana Pérez, Spain, "Our peace project" world.
  2. Valeria Iordache, Romania, "Peace brings harmony" world; Marianna Prezzia, Italy, "Green way city" world.
  3. Stefan Pilser, Italy, "The Bridge to end Wars" world.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Within the framework of the STEM Discovery Campaign 2022 and the Minecraft: Education Edition Global Build Championship, the STEM Alliance and Microsoft are organizing the "STEM Alliance – Minecraft: Education Edition Competition" under the theme "Active Citizen: Building for Peace".

What is it about?

In partnership with Nobel Peace Centre, this competition revolves around learning about the Nobel Peace Prize and some of the previous recipients. By providing opportunities for young people to explore and learn about different achievements of previous Nobel Laureates, as well as their own cultures.

The competition calls for teachers and educators that teach learners in primary and secondary schools in Europe to integrate Minecraft: Education Edition in their teaching. Integrating Minecraft: Education Edition in teaching will encourage learners to engage in creative thinking, problem solving and a better understanding of democracy, citizenship and peace.

The teachers and educators will need to submit a 90-second video with the tour through the Minecraft: Education Edition vision that their learners have created. Among the best entries, there will be six winning teams per category (12 in total):

  • Learners that are 13 years old and younger
  • Learners that are 14 years old or older

The competition will run from 1 March to 22 May 2022 at 23:59 Central European Time (CET).

Join the Minecraft Competition Office Hours

Join the Minecraft Office Hours intended for the participants of the STEM Alliance - Minecraft: Education Edition Competition, in order to clarify and facilitate the competition procedures.

Do you want to participate? Here are the steps to follow:

Have a look at the Terms and Conditions. To submit a video successfully, please follow these steps:

STEP 1: Register to the competition

To participate in this competition, you need to register here. Once you are registered, you can work on your entry and hand it in later.

If your school has a Minecraft: Education Edition license, please log in accordingly. In case your school does not have the licensed copy of Minecraft: Education Edition, you can use the free trial, which is fully functional and contains all the features of the paid version by login in with your Office 365 account (the trial has 25 logins for teachers and 10 logins for remaining users). For more information on how to obtain the free trial of Minecraft: Education edition, click here.

Alternatively, you can use the demo version, which allows you to try Minecraft: Education Edition without an Office 365 Education account.

STEP 2: Download the Active Citizen Minecraft World

To complete the competition, you will need to download the Active Citizen Minecraft World to complete the build challenge. To access the copy of the required world, click here.

STEP 3: Prepare for the Challenge

If you are new to Minecraft: Education Edition there are many resources available to help you get started. Learn the controls and tools you'll need to get started through introduction videos here. There is also a great range of online teacher training here.

Besides, Office Hours will be organised to support participants throughout the competition.

The learning objectives of the Build Challenge are:

  • Foster youth appreciation of democracy as a core feature of a stable and peaceful world.
  • Raise awareness and understanding of the need for peaceful resolution to challenges and issues in our society.
  • Enable young people to become active in society, seeking change that is for the betterment of the lives of the community around them.

Build challenges that best demonstrate learning will be more successful.

STEP 4: Integrate the Build Challenge into Class with your Learners

Split your class in groups of max. 5 students and specify the actions to build a world using Minecraft: Education Edition. To come up with viable ideas and help the learners develop worlds, you can involve other stakeholders, such as colleagues, parents, industry partners, policy makers and any other education expert and stakeholder.

STEP 5: Building your vision for peace

The developed worlds need to address the topic "What's your vision for peace?". Think about something that you are passionate about and want to change. Set out the change you want to see within the Active Citizen world in Minecraft, by building a model of a new world where this change has happened. Explain your model in a short video, including how this can be achieved through democracy, and submit to the competition.

STEP 6: Take a 90-second video of your creation

Take a 90-second video of each of the worlds created by your learners (1 video per group). The videos should clearly present the developed world world and explain in detail your creation, so a voice-over it's recommended. Moreover, they need to present novelty and creativity, as well as send a clear message regarding the topic. The video and world created must be in English.

STEP 7: Submit your video and supporting materials

You can submit your video via this submission form.

All data must be submitted by 22 May at 23:59 CET in order to be eligible for the competition.

STEP 8: Spread the Word!

Let the world know about your participation in the "STEM Alliance - Minecraft: Education Edition Competition" and the STEM Discovery Campaign 2022 by sharing your activities in social media and tagging the STEM Alliance, the 2022 STEM Discovery Campaign and Minecraft: Education Edition:

Facebook On Facebook: @STEMAllianceEU @microsoftineducation

Twitter On Twitter: @stemalliance_eu @MicrosoftEDU

LinkedIn On LinkedIn: @STEMAlliance @MicrosoftEducation

STEP 9: Win your Prize!

The prizes for first two winners of both categories will be a call with the Minecraft: Education Edition team and with the Mojang team, as well as of various Minecraft merchandise. The third-place prizes for both categories will consist of Minecraft merchandise. The prizes will be handed out to both teachers and learners.

Resources for teachers


Download here the educator's guide to prepare for the challenge

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