STEM Alliance, Scientix and Vernier webinar: Applications of data logging in sports

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Date & time: Thursday, 30 November 2023 at 17:00-18:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)

Missed the webinar on November 30th? Watch the recording here!


On November 30 at 17:00 CET, the STEM Alliance, Scientix and Vernier organized the webinar "Applications of data logging in sports".

The burgeoning field of sports analytics has witnessed a paradigm shift with the advent of sophisticated data-logging technologies. This webinar aims to elucidate the transformative impact of data logging on athletic performance, coaching strategies, and injury prevention.

By employing a multi-disciplinary approach, the session explores the integration of sensor technologies, machine learning algorithms, and real-time data analytics in capturing intricate details of athletic movements and physiological responses.

Experts from sports science, data analytics, and coaching convene to discuss ethical considerations, data privacy issues, and the future trajectory of this rapidly evolving field.

The objective is to furnish attendees with a comprehensive understanding of how data logging can be effectively utilized to enhance both individual and team performance in various sporting disciplines.


Petr Čech

Petr Čech,

Petr Čech is a renowned Czech international footballer known for his remarkable career in both national and club teams. Debuting for the Czech Republic in 2002, he went on to earn a record 124 caps, leading the team in several major tournaments.

Notably, he played a key role in their Euro 2004 success, reaching the semi-finals. In the Premier League, Čech holds numerous goalkeeping records, including 100 clean sheets in 180 games, most clean sheets in a single season (24), and most clean sheets in Premier League history (202). He's also the only goalkeeper to win the Premier League Golden Glove with two different clubs, accomplishing this four times. Awards such as the IFFHS World's Best Goalkeeper in 2005 and consistent clean sheet performances have solidified his status as one of the world's top goalkeepers.

Beyond football, Čech impressively pursued higher education, holding an MBA with distinction and currently working on a Doctorate, showcasing his multifaceted talents and ambitions.

Professor Vincent English

Professor Vincent English,

Vincent is a distinguished academic, holding a professorship at Uninettuno University of Rome and visiting positions at business schools in Naples and Geneva. He's an expert with a Ph.D. in business strategy and degrees from prestigious institutions. Vincent is also currently CEO of Vernier Europe, a subsidiary of Vernier Software and Technology, the world's largest manufacturer of digital data collection technologies for schools. He has extensive experience of international business in many different sectors, including educational materials and equipment, retail and engineering.


Vincent currently serves on an influential European Commission ThinkTank for STEM learning across Europe. He has also successfully served on several major EU large scale projects charged with increasing inclusion in science education at secondary schools. 



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