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STEM Alliance – Intel Competition 2023

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The STEM Alliance and Intel organized the "Educator Challenge" Competition within the STEM Discovery Campaign 2023.

What was it about?

The Competition called for educators in primary and secondary schools in Europe to explore the lesson plans from Intel's Skills for Innovation Starter pack and carry out the lessons with their students. The goal of the competition was to challenge the educators to create and share their stories of implementation, which would demonstrate actual use of Intel's pre-designed learning experiences in the classroom.

The Intel® Skills for Innovation (Intel® SFI) Starter Pack (hereafter "the Starter Pack") represents a set of ready-to-use, technology-infused learning experiences which can help educators to prepare students for the future jobs using technology. Each Starter Pack activity consists of a comprehensive educator's guide, a teaching deck and a folder containing various resources that are required to carry out the activity. This library currently counts 70 activities, mapped to several global curriculum standards, segmented into different subjects: STEM, language, and humanities.

Duration of the competition:

The competition ran from 1 February to 30 April 2023. Educators submited their entries until 30 April 2023 at 23:59 Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Are you willing to participate? Here are the steps to follow:

To participate in this competition, educators should explore the Starter Pack Catalogue of ready-to-use resources and activities, hosted on the Intel SFI Platform, and implement them in their classroom, adapting the activities to their specific requirements. After they have implemented the activity in their classrooms, educators should share their stories of implementation using the given template.

Have a look at the Terms and Conditions for more information.

To successfully submit the activity, educators should follow these steps:

STEP 1: Register to access the materials

1. To access the resources and enter the competition, educators should register on Intel Skills for Innovation platform webpage.

2. After the registration, they will receive an email from Intel® Skills for Innovation Team asking them to confirm and activate their account. Upon activation of their account, educators will be able to access the materials and explore the Starter Pack Catalog of resources. The unique verification code which should be used for this competition is EUNSFI23.

STEP 2: Explore the SFI Platform and Starter Pack

After logging in to their account, educators can explore featured articles, resources, and discussions on the Skills for Innovation homepage. By clicking on the Onboarding Videos box, educators can get familiar with the SFI Platform and the Starter Pack.

On the Starter Pack page, educators can download the Starter Pack Overview and the Starter Pack Catalogue.

STEP 3: Choose the activity and adapt it to the classroom

After exploring the activities, educators should select an activity from Starters Pack, and relevant teacher's guide, based on their students' interests and classroom requirements. They are free to adapt the activities to suit the needs of their students. Participants can choose to submit in one or more of the following categories:

  • Language Arts
  • Humanities
  • STEM

Educators should keep note of the activities selected, changes made, students' responses and outcomes of the lesson, creating a unique story of implementation. These stories of implementation would be collected through an online submission tool on the SFI Platform.

STEP 4: Prepare and submit your entry!

The submission consists of two components, the first being the preparation of a story of implementation, and the second being a submission form:

Part 1: Prepare the Story of Implementation:
The educator should fill out the Story of implementation template which consists of:

  • Educator's brief biography
  • Description of how they implemented Intel® Skills For Innovation Starter Pack in their classroom
  • Description of how the activity impacted students' skills
  • Recommendations for implementation

Part 2: Submission
The educator should submit their story of implementation following the steps listed below:

  • 1) Register to the Scientix Portal – Obtain EUN ID credentials: To participate in the STEM Discovery Campaign, register to the Scientix Portal. Fill in the Registration form by providing your full name and email address and creating your username and password for the portal. The username and password will represent EUN ID credentials that you will need to log into the Scientix Portal and the STEM Discovery Campaign Application.
  • 2) Pin the activity or action!: To get your activity pinned on the 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign Map you need to fill in the submission form on the STEM Discovery Campaign page in the Scientix portal or the STEM Discovery Campaign Application. To access the Submission Form on both Scientix Portal and the STEM Discovery Application, you first need to log in with your EUN ID Credentials. Each submitted entry will be assigned an identification number, ‘Entry ID'. This number serves as an identifier of the entry.
  • 3) Participate in one or more Competitions: To participate in the "Educator Challenge", you first need to obtain an Entry ID (see point 2 above) for the activity you want to include in the competition. Then, you need to fill in the Competition Submission Form which you will find in the "About" section of the STEM Discovery Campaign application or on the STEM Discovery Campaign page in the Scientix portal. Make sure to select "Educator Challenge" respond to questions related to it.
STEP 5: Spread the Word!

Educators participating in this competition would be able to submit their entries to the STEM Discovery Campaign (SDC) activity map during the entire SDC23 campaign.
They can also use social media to share their activities in SDC23, tagging the STEM Alliance and Intel:

  @StemAllianceEU   @stemalliance_eu   @StemAllianceEU
#intelSFI #IntelEdu

STEP 6: Win your prize!

If you are selected as a winner, you will be eligible for an award. The winning educators will be eligible to participate in a Future Classroom Lab workshop in Brussels, along with paid accommodation and flight.



Watch this webinar's recording to know more about the competition and the steps you need to follow to submit your entry:



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