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Testimonials from teachers & role models from the STEM industry

"In the collaboration with school and Natalija, I had an opportunity to educate her students about the need of mathematics in pharmacy. I have explained them how they can apply the knowledge they gain at school. Together with Natalija, we worked on raising awareness on the fact that mathematical lessons learned in school might help them in their future life and professions. Pharmacists are known as communicative and always ready to learn. Even though science is important in pharmacy, the presentation and contact with people is also part of this job. This activity was very useful for me because I had a chance to talk with high school students and find out more about their activities and life style." Ljubka Budinskj - Head of Pharmacy Department at the Health Care Center in Kula, Serbia.

"I think it is very important to collaborate with companies because schools need a bridge to real life. With that collaboration we can share ideas, STEM professionals can meet students and new generations that are coming into companies in the future. Students can get insights from the real life and see how life after school is and they can see that knowledge that they gain at school is applicable and useful when they finish school. Students enjoyed that kind of activity and, as it was the first time, they raised many questions. They were very surprised because they did not even imagine that there was so much mathematics in pharmacy. Moreover, what is very important for me as a teacher is that average students were also very involved " Natalija Budinskj – math teacher in primary and secondary school at "Skola Petro Kuzmjak" in Rusti Krstur, Serbia.

"Working in the chemical industry for more than 20 years, I realized that although there are lots of different industry initiatives, you very much have to start at the beginning of education, which means you have to put your effort into primary schools; there you can make a difference; so when I heard of TuWaS! almost ten years ago, I realized that this program is the most distinguished, complex and well thought-through program I ever encountered; visiting many schools now that have taken TuWaS! on board, I could see the enthusiasm on many different sides: the kids', the teachers' and the parents'. So, yes, if you are keen to make a difference in how the chemical or technical industry is seen, then it makes sense to invest in a program like TuWaS!" Anne-Gret Iturriaga Abarzua, Head of Communications at the petrochemical site INEOS in Cologne, Germany. She participated at the "TuWas" programme together with 34 schools in the Rhineland area.

"The collaboration between schools and companies is very important - it gives teachers and students the experience of real life, it shows them a picture of modern science and industry. Schools give knowledge to students, but they do not teach them how to apply this knowledge to tasks and problems in real life. It is very important to help students to make the right professional choice in future. Visits in companies and meetings with specialists can help students to know more about different job positions and opportunities in the labor market." Svetlana Dotsenko is ICT manager in a big school in Tallinn, Estonia. She organised a Professionals Go Back to School activity with a member of SKYPE company.