Confirmed Speakers

Plenary opening - Welcome adresses

Sarah Atkinson

Vice-President, Communications - CA Technologies

Sarah is a member of the Women in Technology Council and board member at techUK. At CA Technologies, she leads a multi-national team of communications professionals and consultancies located throughout Europe, Middle East & Africa. She is tasked with positioning the company as a technology and thought leader in the application economy. Her organization is responsible for building issues based and thought leadership campaigns, media relations, social media, employee communication and the regional corporate social responsibility program.

Michael Teutsch
Head of Unit "Schools and Educators; Multilingualism, DG Education and Culture" - European Commission

Michael Teutsch is in charge of policy development and the exchange of good practice in the areas of schools and multilingualism, the management of the Erasmus+ programme in the areas of schools, vocational education and training, and adult learning, the electronic education platforms and communities eTwinning, School Education Gateway, and the adult learning platform EPALE.

Panel discussion - ACTION 1: Advancing teachers placement in industry

Rosa Doran

President of the Executive Council, Nuclio - Portugal

Rosa Doran has a degree in Physics at Pontifica Universidade Catolica in Sao Paulo, Brazil, an MSc in High energies and Gravitiation, a Faculty of Sciene of The University of Lisbon: "Schwarzschild Black Holes and its Cosmological Applications" and PhD in Science Education at University of Coimbra in course. She is presently the president of NUCLIO (Nucleo Interativo de Astronomia), a non-profit association devoted to public outreach and sciene education.

Edith Hilbink

Project Leader, Platform Bétatechniek- The Netherlands

Edith is an Educational scientist and project manager at the Platform Bèta Technics.
With a huge drive to improve and change education, she gives guidance to the programme Eerst the Klas, a traineeship for academics to become a excellent teacher and also learn from an innovative leadership programme in business. Edith is also in charge of collaboration between schools and teacher education.

Irina Kudenko

Research and Evaluation Lead, National STEM Learning Centre and Network, STEM Learning Ltd - Ireland

Irina works as Research and Evaluation Lead in STEM Learning ltd, a leading provider of educational support to STEM educators in the UK. Working closely with STEM employers STEM Learning offer schools and colleges a comprehensive range of resources, professional development and employer engagement opportunities. In the past Irina was a principal evaluator in the project ECB-inGenious, a Europe-wide STEM initiative for employer engagement in STEM education.


Celia Moore

Director, Corporate Citizenship - IBM EMEA

Celia Moore is Director of Corporate Citizenship, IBM Europe Middle East & Africa . She joined IBM in 1995 to implement a new global strategy for corporate citizenship. Celia is a Member of the Board of Directors of CSR Europe, where as Chair she led the formation of the Pact for Youth, a unique partnership with the European Commission, to transform the education and skills systems to ensure Europe's future competitiveness.


Christel Op de Beeck

Policy Officer at the Flemish Government, Department of Education and Training  - Belgium

Christel Op de beeck is a Policy Advisor at the Department of Education of Flanders (Belgium). Today she coordinates a number of programmes for the Department, amongst which STEM. Before that she worked for years in South-Africa as a programme coordinator on Development Coordination. Programme management and policy development are the heart of her professional career.



Panel discussion - ACTION 2: Encouraging STEM professionals role models to go to schools

Jeannette Axisa

Chief Officer Strategy and Corporate Services - Transport Malta

Jeannette Axisa has made her mission to market various industrial/technical careers to students in various educational institutions starting from 12 years of age and promote active partnerships in all types of government and private traineeship schemes as an agile response to an ever-changing cultural and societal strata and to make education a force for development and training to build organisational capabilities in a sustainable manner.

Ana Sofia Godinho

Education Service - OBITEC - Portugal

Ana is coordinator of MyMachine Portugal. She became active researcher to understand the importance of the quality in early childhood education after she work with Reggio Children Foundation. In 2010, she created the program "Creative Factory", that promotes creativity, innovation and techonology in schools connecting stakeholders such as the Technological Park with the schools.


Thomas Roche

OnLine Course Designer and Presenter and teacher, Digital Schools of Distinction - Ireland

Thomas Roche has ove thirty years of experience as a Primary Principal Teacher, and also served as validator for "The Digital Schools of Distinction" initiative and Face to Face Tutor for "Professional Development Service for Teachers-Technology in Education"  PDST-TiE.

Giedrus Vaidelis

Director, Lithuanian Education Development Centre - Lithuania

Since 1993 Giedrius worked as a primary school teacher, school methodologist and deputy director of the secondary school. From 2004 to 2009 he led the Unit of Youth Policy Development and Program Implementation at Youth Affairs Department under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor. In 2009 he was appointed director of Education Development Centre affiliated to the Ministry of Education and Science. 


Panel discussion - ACTION 3 : Motivators for young people to choose STEM subjects

Paul Schneider

Information Risk Manager Projects and Technology, Shell and Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, - The Netherlands

Paul is an information risk manager at Shell. He has more 15 years of experience in cyber security, IT auditing and enterprise risk management. Paul is also part of the Youth and Technology network in the Netherlands (JETNET). He gives guest lectures and coordinate activities for schools in the Netherlands. The schools he coordinates for JETNET are amongst the schools that have the highest percentage of students choosing technology in the Netherlands. 

Stephan Griebel

Business Development and Alliances Europe - Texas Instruments

Stephan Griebel has worked at Texas Instruments since 1997. Currently he is responsible for business development and alliance for Texas instruments' Educational Technology solutions. This involves the development of the educator network T3 – Teachers Teaching with Technology, collaboration with textbook publishers and other suppliers of educational content, and last but not least the support of pilot sites in the field of math, science and STEM education in close cooperation with Ministries of Education including didactical research

Esther Roure Vila

Service Advisor - CISCO Systems

Esther joined Cisco Technical Services as a graduate in 2007, worked since then in R&S, Storage, and Data Center, obtained two CCIE, and is currently is working as Service Advisor for Global Service Provider and Innovation Ambassador. She is driving the Cisco Transformation to New Business Models and is passionate about bridging the gap between Business and Technology. Involved in Inclusion and Collaboration Initiative and 2014 European Digital Woman of the Year™ Award.

Julian Lambertin

Managing Director - KRC Research

Julian Lambertin is the Managing Director of KRC Research in EMEA. He is an expert at turning data into insights and driving corporate strategy via bespoke analytics. Julian has particular expertise around social impact issues and has worked on many of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Plenary closing remarks

Marc Durando
Executive Director - European Schoolnet

Marc Durando, Executive Director of EUN, has over 35 years' experience in the field of education and training, both at European and national level. He has worked in the education and training area since 1983, where, after five years in the field of continuing education for enterprises, he developed specific expertise on European cooperation in the field of education and training. Since September 2006, Marc Durando joined the European Schoolnet network as Executive Director of EUN. 

Celia Moore

Member of the Board of Directors - CSR Europe

Celia Moore is Director of Corporate Citizenship, IBM Europe Middle East & Africa . She joined IBM in 1995 to implement a new global strategy for corporate citizenship. Celia is a Member of the Board of Directors of CSR Europe, where as Chair she led the formation of the Pact for Youth, a unique partnership with the European Commission, to transform the education and skills systems to ensure Europe's future competitiveness.