STEM Alliance – Intel Webinar: Transforming Learning for Students Through Intel Skills for Innovation Competition

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Date & time:   February 8 at 17:00 CET (Central European Time)


On February 8 at 17:00 CET, the STEM Alliance, Scientix and Intel organised the webinar "Transforming Learning for Students Through Intel Skills for Innovation Competition", where Intel SFI experts explored the resources within SFI and gave an overview of the "Educator Challenge" competition.

This competition will give educators the opportunity to explore the resources found within SFI and engage in a deep dive of one of the SFI activities with their students. Upon the completion of the activity, the educator will share the key take-aways and learning experiences from the activity as part of the competition. This sharing experience will include how this teacher will be able to use this learning experience to transform their own instruction. By the end of this experience, Intel Skills for Innovation will introduce students to innovative skills that they will be able to take with them to other classes and learn skills that they can utilize throughout their lifetime.

Intel Skills for Innovation (SFI) has partnered with ministries of education, organizations, and schools to bring innovative learning experiences to teachers and students in over 40 countries across the globe. SFI has provided educators with a variety of technology resources and skills that have been used to transform their teaching and infuse technology into their lessons in ways that were never thought possible before.


Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell,
Director of U.S. Operations, Edm8ker

Scott is a Global Program Manager for Intel Skills for Innovation (SFI), responsible for the SFI platform as well as for the training and development of educators, organizations and ministries of education in using the program. Scott has over 25 years of experience in the education field. He has been a classroom teacher, a school principal and spent over 10 years in leadership roles with educational technology organizations leading school improvement initiatives across the globe. Throughout his career, Scott has trained and mentored thousands of educators to help them to improve their instruction and grow professionally. Scott also serves as an adjunct faculty member at Penn State University in the Education Department.



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In joining the STEM Alliance, Intel seeks to align and collaborate with other alliance members to implement joint solutions which can reinvigorate STEM teaching and learning.





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