STEM Alliance – GSMA Competition 2022

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STEM Alliance – GSMA Competition 2022

Winners of the Competition

    The four winners of the competition are:
  • Elena Corina Rogoveanu, Romania, "Streets under the magnifying glass"
  • Emma Abbate, Italy, "Street Art and UN Agenda 2030 SDGs"
  • Maria Barouta, Greece, "An artistic perspective of the micro-world"
  • Selçuk Yusuf Arslan, Turkey, "The mystery of electronics"

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all participants!

Our Winners' Testimonies

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Within the framework of the Back To School Campaign 2022, the STEM Alliance and GSMA organized the "STEM Alliance – GSMA Competition: mSchools Challenge".

What is it about?

The competition called for teachers and educators of primary and secondary schools in Europe to integrate selected activities of two mSTEAM modules into their classroom activities.

The goal of the competition was to create a classroom project (in a form of the PowerPoint presentation) which demonstrated students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills in addressing the tasks of the selected module.

mSTEAM modules offer free and easy to use multidisciplinary project and challenge–based lessons that promote learning through scientific inquiry and engineering processes. The hands–on experiments and activities assist teachers and educators in enriching their Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) related curriculum and engage students in exploring STEAM subjects while fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Additionally, the modules aim to close the gap between science taught in the classroom and scientific work done by research centres, academia, and industry partners.

Duration of the competition:

The competition ran from 19 September to 2 Dec 2022 at 23:59 Central European Time (CET).

These we the steps to participate:

Have a look at the Terms and Conditions.

STEP 1: Register to access and download the material

1. To access the modules and enter the competition, teachers and educators should register on the mSchools challenge webpage.

2. After the registration, you will receive a follow-up confirmation email. Then, they will be able to access the materials and explore the two modules: MicroArt and Art Detectives.

STEP 2: Choose the module and adapt the content to your classroom

Teachers and educators should explore the modules and decide which one is better suited to complement their classroom needs and motivate their students. They should plan how to include the module's sessions into their lessons and consider which other activities/adaptations could be made to complement the modules to fit their curricula, class or school requirements.

Teachers and educators can participate in this competition with their students which belong to the age categories specified below:

  • Students from 9 – 11 years old
  • Students from 12 – 14 years old
STEP 3: Integrate the module content in your classroom

Teachers should Implement the sessions in their classroom and make sure to document the changes their introduced as well as the main outcomes. The most relevant changes and outcomes will be a crucial part of their submission.

In each module, one can find a set of suggested activities, but teachers and educators are free to make any changes or include colleagues, parents, industry partners, or policy makers to enhance the given activities. The list of implemented changes and contributors should be documented in the entry.

STEP 4: Prepare and submit your entry!

The entry consists of two parts:

  • Part 1: Prepare the Power Point presentation
    The Power point presentation should consist of maximum 8 mandatory slides.
    Additional guidelines are added to the presentation template. Any supporting materials or information can be included it in the presentation's Annex., which is an optional step.

    Template Button
  • Part 2: Fill in the submission form
    The Power point presentation and answers to all mandatory questions should be provided in the Submission form.
    Submit Button
STEP 5: Spread the Word!

Let the world know about your participation in the "STEM Alliance – GSMA Competition: mSchools Challenge" and the Back-2-School Campaign 2022 by sharing your activities in social media and tagging the STEM Alliance, as well as by using the #Back2SCHOOL22 and #mSchools for all your social media messages:

  @StemAllianceEU   @stemalliance_eu   @StemAllianceEU
  @mschools_mwc   @mSchools_MWC  @mSchools   @mschools_mwc

STEP 6: Win your prize!

The winning teachers received a voucher (debit note) in amount of EUR 500 for professional development of their choice, in their native countries.

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