STEM Alliance, Scientix & OneStream Software Webinar

Date & time: Thursday, 12 May 2022 at 17:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)


On May 12 at 17:00 CEST, the STEM Alliance, Scientix and OneStream Software organised a webinar sharing the personal story of an Arts graduate who has started a career within the STEM field.

OneStream Software wants to share that a STEM career is not only for people who are strong in the usual STEM subjects, but can be for everyone. They presented the true story of one of their employees who first joined the company as an intern with no STEM experience. Her internship was so successful she joined the company full-time. Joined by two of her colleagues from different departments, together they highlighted through their experiences the many opportunities for non-STEM related careers within a STEM business.

At the end of the event there was a Q&A session for participants to ask their questions to the presenters.


 Hannah Trainer

Hannah Trainer,
Junior Marketing Specialist
OneStream Software

Hannah originally graduated from Durham University with a degree in Liberal Arts, where she took modules across English Literature, Art History, History and International Relations. Despite having no experience in technology or business, she successfully applied for an internship with OneStream Software in 2021. She used her creative and organisational skills to support the EMEA marketing team, and after the internship was hired full time as a Junior Marketing Specialist. Hannah hopes to highlight, through her own experience, the many opportunities for non-STEM related careers within STEM businesses.



 Matt Kerslake

Matt Kerslake,
Lead Technical Education Consultant
OneStream Software

Matt has worked in STEM-related industries for over 20 years including financial services, business and enterprise for education and latterly enterprise resource planning for global corporations. He has been a proponent of the STEM Ambassador movement for more than a decade, actively supporting STEM events in the UK, focussing on the promotion of non-STEM related career opportunities in STEM businesses. With OneStream Software, Matt is a Technical Education Consultant, using his creative and analytic skills to design engaging learning content for complex topics.



 Nic O'Connor

Nic O'Connor,
HR Business Partner
OneStream Software

Nic has worked in HR across a variety of sectors over the last 20 years. She spent a large amount of her career working in the undergraduate space and was responsible for setting up the first technology degree apprenticeship program with her last organisation. She has a genuine passion for opening up access and providing opportunities for young people and always seeks out opportunities to break down barriers and myth bust around careers in STEM.




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