ICT in STEM Education - Impacts and Challenges

SETTING THE SCENE. A STEM Alliance Literature Review November 2016

The ICT in STEM Education - Impacts and Challenges report sets the scene on how STEM education can improve students' learning outcomes and skills development -with the help of ICT- and how business can support the educational community in these developments. The research needed for this report has been based on an extensive literature review carried out during the year 2016.

This publication has been written by European Schoolnet, with the support of the STEM Alliance project. Particularly, it is part of the STEM Alliance series of literature review reports and special issues that address the question of what are the impacts and challenges of ICT in STEM teaching and learning, from the viewpoint of the stakeholders involved.

The aim of the series is to provide suggestions and guidelines for all stakeholders interested in promoting ICT in STEM education at both primary and secondary school level as well as to contribute to the challenge of integrating ICT tools in STEM education and improving students' learning and attitudes towards STEM subjects and careers.

Download the publication here.


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