Companies in Europe have the potential to greatly influence young minds in pursuing STEM careers

They provide real-life examples of what a job in STEM might look like, they bring in experts who can talk to students about their day-to-day activities and opportunities, and they present tangible goals for them to strive towards. With the help of the tools and programmes of the STEM Alliance, businesses will be able to boost the impact of currently running projects, as well as raise awareness about STEM career prospects.

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Businesses can benefit as well

In return, companies can take advantage of tools like the STEM-π assessment tool, which will help them assess the coverage and the quality of their activities using the feedback from peers and best-in-class players; businesses can also use the STEM Alliance's network to promote their own programmes and projects related to industry-school cooperation - initiatives such as student discovery placements, science-industry teacher schemes, and science pedagogy coaching schemes are among the planned activities where companies can pass their experience on to young people and teachers alike.


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