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Be our reporter this year and tell us about all the amazing STEM events happening in Europe! Together with Scientix, we are giving you the chance to win a trip to Brussels just by documenting your experiences at STEM activities on Twitter and Facebook! Here's what you need to do:

Step 1

Register the event you are going to attend as a ‘Reporter' through the Scientix Community competition form:

Step 2

Attend a STEM education event and disseminate about it through social media (Facebook or Twitter). These events should be organised in an international, national, regional or local level, but not organised by schools. Here are some upcoming events that you can attend:

If you know of anything else happening in your area, feel free to send us your tweets and facebook messages! Keep in mind that the events should be face to face, where you will have to attend in person.

Step 3

Post on your public account on Twitter and/or Facebook, including the hashtag #AllSTEMScientix and the hashtag of the event you are attending (if it exists).

If posting on Twitter, be sure to follow @stemalliance_eu and @scientix_eu
If posting on Facebook, post at the Scientix Facebook group Science Teachers in Europe typing #ALLSTEMScientix and @STEMallianceEU when posting.

We will then evaluate your submission based on the quality of the content you provide in your posts - how detailed was your description? Did you take any photos? Did you promote STEM Alliance and/or Scientix where possible? If yes, you might just win our prize! Good luck!