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Welcome to STEM Alliance website!

Here there is all you need to know in order to log in the website.

I already have an EUN ID account

Do you already have a EUN ID account? Then log in following these steps:

  1. Enter your username (without using "https://USERNAME.id.europeanschoolnet.org/" but just by typing your username) and password at the bottom of this page and click on the Login button
  2. Once successfully logged in, you will see your name appearing on the header of the page
  3. By clicking on it, you will access your profile page.

I do not have an EUN ID account

If you would like to register on the website and you do not have a EUN ID yet, please click on Create an account under the Sign In box.

STEM Professionals Go Back to School scheme

To use the Professionals Go Back to School tool:

  • Create a EUN ID account
  • Log in with your account
  • Option 1: after the first log in, you should fill your STEM Alliance profile, clicking on your name on the top right corner of the page, to be able to use the tool;
  • Option 2: if you had already filled in your STEM Alliance profile, check and edit your Role and Subjects and Submit again to be able to use the tool.
  • After this step, you can access the tool in the link below

Back to School Profile

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