Date & time: 25 April 2019, 17:30 CEST

Description: The purpose of this webinar was to give teachers, career counsellors, educational authorities and researchers an understanding of careers, which can be developed in the STEM field, specifically in the IT and cybersecurity industry. Our speaker, Peter Bessems, Certified Cybersecurity Specialist at the ICT College in Helmond explained his experience working as an education expert in the IT sector, and ideas based on a currently running Cisco courses about Networking and Cybersecurity. This webinar was an opportunity to learn more about STEM careers; the careers existing in cybersecurity, the study path to follow, key skills needed and possible places of employment.


Peter Bessems (1957) is an experienced IT teacher and is living in Helmond, a town in the Netherlands. He teaches at a public technical college with students in the age of 16 - 22. Many students graduated as Network Administrator mostly in the Netherlands, but some also graduated abroad. He has some examples of great career starts of people. Cisco Networking Academy and the industrial IT certification did help these students. Peter is now over 20 years involved with the Cisco curriculum and his IT certification is up to date. He is a certified Cisco Cybersecurity Specialist.

His vision is that students learn better by doing and working with real equipment. Flipping the classroom is a timesaving teaching method for the student to gain knowledge at his or her own pace. In the classroom you have more time for practical labs and discussions to reinforce the knowledge of the student.

As a teacher you have to be enthusiastic and motivated and when you create a challenging environment, the talent of the student will be reached in a short time. Two of his IT students became nr 1. IT Skills champions of the Netherlands (2017, 2018) and competed in the European (Stockholm, Budapest) and World Skills competition (Abu Dhabi).

Peter Bessems,
Certified Cybersecurity Specialist, CCNP Security,
ICT College Helmond.

Intro to Cyber for STEM: http://cs.co/cisco4stem2018

You can find a career sheet based on content picked up from the webinar and drawing on the experience of STEM expert here: IT Teacher.




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