• The STEM Career Days 2021 have reached its end

    STEM Career Days 2021

    In November and December 2021, the STEM Alliance, in partnership with the Scientix and STE(A)M IT projects organised the 2021 STEM Careers days which gathered a range of webinars centred around STEM careers, business innovation, and STEM teaching.

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  • LEGO® Education publishes a new position paper: “It’s time to Rethink Learning”

    LEGO® Education has published a position paper addressing the challenges facing current primary to secondary education and the need for systemic change.

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  • Results of the STEM Alliance & STE(A)M IT Competition 2021 - STEM Professionals Go Back to School

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    Discover here the winners of the STEM Alliance & STE(A)M IT – "Professionals Go Back to School Competition" within the framework of the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign!

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  • STEM Alliance – Dell PolicyHack™ report: 8 recommendations to tackle education challenges in Europe

    How can teachers leverage technology and digital inclusion initiatives as a force-multiplier for equality and accessibility of quality education? That was the question behind the STEM-Alliance – Dell PolicyHack™ Competition, which called teachers to share their ideas on how to solve challenges in teachers' STEM education practices from a policy perspective. Based on their solutions, a report advocating for changes in education has been published!

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  • The “Aerospace in Class Validation Report” is out!

    The Airbus Foundation teamed up with European Schoolnet for the Aerospace in Class project, aimed at helping primary and secondary teachers to engage their students in aerospace-related subjects. With the help of 11 Lead Teachers from across Europe, the project sought to bring the resources developed by the Airbus Foundation closer to schools and test their benefits among children aged 8 to 12 by carrying out 13 learning scenarios and a massive open online course (MOOC).

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  • STEM professionals at work vs STEM professionals in spare time

    Are you curious what different STEM professionals do at work? What is it like to work as an astrophotographer or a lightning engineer? While the STE(A)M IT project created the Repository of STEM Jobs profiles, a regularly updated gallery of exciting STEM jobs profiles, Dassault Systèmes decided to show the world what STEM professionals do after working hours!

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  • Four online conferences and monthly webinars from T³ Europe

    As a STEM teacher would you like to share information, learn from, and engage with other teachers in an international environment? Join the T³ Europe Virtual Sharing Inspiration Conference!

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  • Aerospace in Class MOOC: Implement Aerospace Education in your classroom!

    Aerospace in Class MOOC

    The Aerospace in Class Project , funded by the Airbus Foundation and coordinated by EUN, is launching a unique MOOC on designing modern classroom lessons on aerospace topics together with Scientix and the STEM Alliance. The course starts on 15 February 2021 on the European Schoolnet Academy. Register now and set foot on a path towards better STEM lessons!

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  • Meet the winners of the STEM Alliance - Dell PolicyHack™ Competition!

    This year for the annual "Back to School" campaign, the STEM Alliance teamed up with Dell Technologies and invited teachers to participate in a truly unique and challenging competition. For the STEM Alliance - Dell PolicyHack™ Competition we called for teachers in Europe to submit STEM education challenges that they face on a local/regional level in their education practices and share recommendations on how ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) can help solve these.

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  • The winners of the LEGO Education Competition are announced!

    This autumn STEM Alliance and LEGO Education teamed up to find the most creative and inspiring teachers who make STEM learning exciting and engaging while developing 21st century skills with their students.

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