Shell Masterclasses – STEM teachers visit the facilities of Shell in the Netherlands

Have you ever wondered what the daily routine is for multinational energy company employee? STEM teachers have now the opportunity to get a clear picture by participating in the Shell Masterclasses, a Shell initiative that give educators the opportunity to gain an insight into the day-to-day business of a multinational energy company and the STEM skills needed to achieve such career.

Teachers enroll in these courses consisting of 4 sessions at various Shell locations, visit the company's facilities and discuss technical challenges with Shell employees. Knowledge of STEM subjects is essential in many practical aspects of the business. These courses provide a unique opportunity for teachers to look behind the scenes, in the same spirit as the STEM Alliance Teacher Placements, the professional development experiences, work placements or internships in business and industry enabling teachers or career counsellors to spend a period of time working with an employer. Following the visit, they can bring their experience to their classroom and provide students with necessary background information.

The universities of Amsterdam and Utrecht act as focal point for these teachers. Participation is voluntary but gives the teacher extra credit. Teachers are required to follow extra courses outside their school hours. The Shell masterclass meets the necessary requirements. A new masterclass series will be launched after the summer holiday.