CA Technologies supports STEM careers in Spain through the 'Deploy your Talents' programme

The demand for STEM professionals and associated professionals is rapidly growing in the last years. This is why our partner CA Technologies participates in the 'Deploy your Talents' programme in Spain that aims to inspire students and young adults to consider job careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

The programme, coordinated by Foretica and supported by CSR Europe, gives the possibility to young people to visit companies with STEM related careers and get to know more about those companies, the advantages and possibilities that STEM positions offer, as well as the efforts they entail.

CA Technologies, as part of its commitment to promote STEM trainings, has participated in the 'Deploy your Talents' programme since 2015. During this period, 14 sessions have taken place, where students visited the headquarters of the company in Madrid and Barcelona. In total, more than 400 students have benefited from the visits and more than 55 professionals have shared their knowledge, personal and professional experience and enthusiasm for working in STEM.

Read more about what students and CA Technology representatives think about the benefits of the programme in this blog post on the website of Foretica.