‘Teacher training and IBSE Practice in Europe’: a new overview on teacher’s pedagogical renewal in STEM education

Published by European Schoolnet and supported by the Amgen Foundation through the Amgen Teach project, "Teacher training and IBSE Practice in Europe, A European Schoolnet overview" shares the latest observations and guidelines on the application of Inquiry-Based Science Education in STEM teacher training.


"Our hope is that this report will inform, inspire and encourage others. And we remain steadfastly committed to supporting science teachers - and organizations like European Schoolnet who support them - in continuing to make a difference in the lives of their students." Eduardo Cetlin President, Amgen Foundation

Since the 1990s there has been renewed interest in the improvement of science and technology awareness in society at large. Partly, because the 21st century challenges can only be addressed through the powerful tools provided by this disciplines, but also, because the labour market demands more Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)- literate – but also highly skilled – people to push forward the frontiers of science and technology and drive innovation.

"By sharing insights from a number of key science education projects, including Amgen Teach, European Schoolnet is highlighting the need for continued teacher support and showing how educators play a vital role in fostering the innovators of the future" Eduardo Cetlin President, Amgen Foundation

Following the presentation and lessons learned from four example programmes (Amgen Teach, Go-Lab, Scientix and the STEM Alliance), this publication provides a series of guidelines for action which lead to six core recommendations areas: promotion, collaboration, community, resources, training and STE(A)M integration.

While IBSE has been already around in STEM education for decades, there is still much room for improvement in teachers' pedagogical renewal and continued dissemination of innovative pedagogy approaches like IBSE. Interventions like the ones described in this report are essential and need to be sustained and strengthened.

Link: http://files.eun.org/Amgen-EUN-IBSE/AmgenTeach-EUN-IBSE-FINAL.pdf