STEM High-Level Event 2019 – what’s next? Outcomes and recommendations brochure released

STEM High-Level Event 2019 - Fostering Industry Cooperation within STEM School Education Strategies was a special conference which brought together key stakeholders from industry, education and national & European policy-makers to promote the European STEM Education agenda at a political level. Read the summary of the event in the final brochure!

The event took place on 21-22 March in Malta and consisted of numerous parallel sessions and interesting panel discussions which allowed to identify key issues in cooperation between industry and education, especially regarding STEM-related initiatives. Based on this, three main recommendations and three short-term actions were drafted, aligned with the STEM Alliance strategy.

In the brochure, you can find the summary of the event, with key findings and recommendations listed, as well as the feedback from participants.

Find the brochure here.