LEGO Education brings the partnership with STEM Alliance to the next level

LEGO Education

We are excited to welcome the new academic year with great news - LEGO Education has become a premium partner of STEM Alliance! Igniting student engagement in learning and supporting educators to make learning inspiring, effective and engaging are the core values of both LEGO Education and STEM Alliance and we are thrilled to work even more closely and intensively in the upcoming months.

LEGO Education, with more than 37 years of experience of working with teachers and educational specialists, aims to enable every student to succeed in education and shape their own future. They transform learning into playful and impactful experiences, both in and outside of the classroom, which helps students to release their full potential and be prepared for future life challenges.

Now, the company takes another step and, together with STEM Alliance, extends its broad range of educational activities. After introducing educational sets, lesson plans and curriculum material, assessment tools and teacher training and support, LEGO Education will now organize plenty of activities, starting from a competition and two webinars for teachers with the support of STEM Alliance!

LEGO competition, organised as a part of larger STEM Alliance's Back to School campaign, will be addressed to primary and secondary school teachers interested in innovative STEM practices with the use of Lego Education resources and tools. The upcoming webinars will inform teachers and students about Lego education resources and campaigns run by Lego for schools and how to promote STEM careers in primary and secondary education.

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Did you know that LEGO Education offers hundreds of lesson plans for free? Find out more in our practices gallery!