Join now STEM Alliance’s brand new “Professionals Go Back To School” Scheme!

The "STEM Professionals Go Back To School" (PGB2S) scheme is a STEM Alliance programme to engage company professionals (technicians, engineers, researchers, employment managers, etc.) to visit schools and participate in collaborative activities for one hour to half a day.

The aim of "STEM Professionals Go Back To Schools" is at raising pupils and teachers' awareness about STEM careers in order to promote STEM jobs.

Schools organise exchange sessions and prepare visits of STEM professionals with pedagogical activities embedded in STEM classes.

The initiative is going to take place in spring 2017 with a peak of activities around the annual STEM Discovery Week, from 24 to 30 April!


STEM Alliance provides an ecosystem to support, on one side, the school to prepare and organise the event and the visit, and on the other side the STEM professionals to make sure the contribution during the visit in the school is meaningful.

The PGB2S booklet will give you all the necessary tips for preparing a successful visit, and contains also suggestions of pedagogical activities you can propose for the visit.

More importantly, the unique PGB2S Tool allows schools and companies to get in touch with one other. The tool functions as a database where to map new and existing collaborative relationships between schools and companies. Whether you do not know where to find a STEM professional or you already have connections with schools or STEM companies' professionals, the PGB2S Tool is the place to go!

Finally, STEM Alliance provides you with Communication Material to promote your initiative for the PGB2S to teachers, students and other schools.

The scheme is an initiative of the STEM Alliance jointly coordinated by European Schoolnet and CSR Europe.

For more information, you can check the PGB2S Informative Brochure for teachers and professionals.

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