T3 Europe launches a content portal of resources designed by teachers for teachers

T3 Europe (T cubed Europe) is an association of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) teachers across Europe, sponsored by STEM Alliance's partner Texas Instruments Education Technology.

T3 Europe – which stands for Teachers Teaching with Technology - was created in 1996 and will launch today a new content portal of STEM resources at the Sharing Inspiration conference.

During this event held in Brussels until 26th March, T³ teachers will discuss about STEM and share ideas on how to implement TI technology in class. This three-day conference is a real opportunity for European teachers to meet and brainstorm about efficient teaching methods for scientific subjects.

During the conference, STEM Alliance will introduce its brand new STEM "Professionals Go Back To School" scheme  (PGB2S) to the teachers and educators. The PGB2S's goal is to engage company professionals (technicians, engineers, researchers, employment managers, etc.) to visit schools and participate in collaborative activities for one hour to half a day. The aim of "STEM Professionals Go Back To Schools" is to raise pupils and teachers' awareness about STEM careers in order to promote STEM jobs.

The "STEM Professionals Go Back To School" scheme is one of the contributions that will help the T3 Europe network to enhance the pedagogical skills and content knowledge of mathematics and science teachers by helping them stay informed of the latest successful teaching methods and offering support to increase their students' success. Enhancing classroom experience is a priority for members of T³ Europe and they are willing to learn how to use technological tools to do so.

Indeed, technology provides the opportunity for all students to be active learners namely because it allows data analysis and graphing. It bridges the gap between learning and actually understanding, and this is what we call "the power of visualization".

Texas Instrument launched the T³ Europe website (t3europe.eu) as a means to support these goals and a tool to provide content for teachers, made by teachers. Indeed, the online platform is a way of making content readily available to all the teachers for free, regardless of their membership.

Teachers can download content without registering as a member and publish content after logging in. Indeed they can upload content in order to share it with their colleagues. The content portal offers resources in English, French, German and Dutch such as activities, videos, webinars and links to articles. Publications and articles on the evolution of STEM are also accessible online. The platform aims at providing teachers with resources, which combine the use of technology along with mental skills and paper and pencil skills to support STEM curricula.

If you wish to know more about the T³ network of STEM teachers or to join as a member, please feel free to contact info@t3europe.eu. To find out more, visit t3europe.eu!