Here are the winners of the “All-STEM, All-Stars” competition!

The "All-STEM, All-Stars" competition is over! More than one hundred teachers participated submitting more than 230 entries across Europe displaying how they engaged thousands of students and teachers and more than 400 companies and SMEs across Europe around innovative STEM education activities. The jury selected the 12 winners that will be awarded with an all-expenses-paid trip to the STEM Alliance High Level Event that will be held in Brussels in December 2017.

One of the most important goals for STEM Alliance is to promote and support the efforts that teachers and schools are undergoing daily with STEM subjects in classrooms. We aim to promote teachers' work and to provide schools with bright and innovative ideas to inspire students in STEM.

In this effort, STEM Alliance carried out the "All STEM, All Stars" competition from September 2016 to March 2017. Teachers were invited to submit their entries by either organising events, creating videos and reporting about different issues in STEM education.

The "All-STEM, All-Stars" was most importantly a big success in terms of participation. The competition saw teachers from all over Europe submitting more than 230 entries in all the categories, engaging thousands of students and teachers and more than 400 companies and SMEs across Europe around innovative STEM education activities.

After six months, the STEM Alliance is proud to announce the winners of the "All-STEM, All-Stars" competition! The decision was not easy but the STEM Alliance could count on the help of its partners, which provided well prepared and strict jurors with a long and proven experience in the STEM education sector.

The jurors that thoroughly assessed all the shortlisted entries for the competition were:

Jeannette Axisa, Chief Officer, Strategy and Corporate Services - Transport Malta
Dr. Àgueda Gras-Velázquez, Science Programme Manager, Scientix Project Manager – EUN
Annelie Kohl, Jet-Net and Education Coordinator - Shell Nederland
Julie McCallum, Communications Officer - CA Technologies EMEA
Dominic Nolan, Senior Education Programme Manager - IBM EMEA
Mike Rogers, EU Advisor - Lindau Nobel Laureates

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Events Category

A total of 99 events were submitted for the Events category. We asked teachers to submit events to promoting STEM studies and careers for young people. For example, visiting a company or a science centre, or hosting a guest researcher in the classroom. Out of the 20 pre-selected entries, our jury selected the 10 winners:

All About Computers

The event introduces students - ages between 10-18 years old - to the subject of computer science (Games - Intro to Level Design; Programming - Hour of Code tutorialas) and facilitates exchange of ideas with experts in Computer Sciences using Skype. During these activities, students used Paint / Digital Art and STEM subjects as an inspiration to reate drawings, while older students worked on creating presentations.

Website   Materials
"It is obvious that this programme met a need and that and students really enjoyed participating" - Annelie Kohl

Tanasescu Gabriela-Violeta - High-School Traian, Constanta - (Romania)

Computer Science Week

The main objective of the event "Computer Science Week" is to promote computer science in primary education, to improve students knowledge in computer science and coding and to increase interest among students to study Computer. During the event different activities like QR code competition and Scratch workshop were organized.
"ICT is depicted as a vital tool for communications and not only as a value added to careers"Jeannette Axisa

Gjorgjina Dimova - Primary School "Strasho Pindjur", Negotino - (Former Yougoslavian Republic of Macedonia)

Cycling with science

Workshop for teachers and students of elementary schools on the use of Scientix and STEM Alliance resounces and Go Lab project ideas took place in Alghero, Italy which is the initial point for the Tour of Italy cycling race. Students from secondary schools of Alghero met with a group of primary school students and demonstrated 42 experiments in total. Here, on the bike path the new STEM adventure has begun...

"Very original application of STEM subjects" – Jeannette Axisa
Costantina Cossu - Liceo Scientifico "Fermi", Alghero - (Italy)

From school to college through STEM inquiry

This event took place at BEITH BERL college for education and teaching. 300 students from secondary school were invited to Science& Technology labs of Beith Berl college and there they were participated in inquiry based learning program. Students were exposed to the importance of STEM faculties and careers.

"Excellent presentation and a great way of making students aware of the value of STEM careers – and great hands – on opportunities for students to learn and have fun too" – Julie McCallum
Stella Magid - Beith Berl College - Tel Aviv (Israel)

Inspiring Student's & Science Careers

The educational program on science careers entitled "Can we see …the black holes?" was implemented. Students worked like real scientists in order to characterize an object as a possible black hole. Teachers informied students about STEM careers and latest developments in astronomy, astrophysics and science. All the actions taken during the event are several parts of ONE ACTION towards Inspiring Students in Science Careers.

"Good use of ICT to enhance this project for students and provide them with the opportunity to work with scientists virtually" – Dominic Nolan
Nikolaos Nerantzis - 6th Junior High School of Thessaloniki (Greece)

Project: STEM careers tour on Climate Change

Project uses inquiry based learning process to study a real world problem and aims to collect, identify, record and examine the significant differences in the environment in the recent years. -Use digital tools for processing data of climate parameters / variables associated with the climate change -Explore the scientific field of knowledge to examine ways of solving the problem. -Take a role of scientist to make decision on the problem. Subjects : STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) , biology, chemistry, geography.

"The international exchange element definitely contributed to the overall success" –Annelie Kohl
Panagiota Argyri - Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna - Nea Smirni (Greece)

STEM - Bringing together Science & Technology

A discussion about STEM careers and the various technology that we can find around us took place in class. Students discussed different technologies that they use in the computer laboratory.

"Very innovative approach to showing STEM careers and the different types of technology in different environments. This also had an emotive side, which I think would have connected with the students." – Julie Mc Callum
Lydia Gauci / Sr. Claudia Zammit - St. Francis Primary Cospicua Malta (Malta)

STEM - Where Science, Technology & Math are more than a subject

In the beginning of the event students were introduced to the indoors and outdoors activities related to Science, Technology and Mathematics. A brainstorming session about the various types of plants and their seeds was held in the lab. Students got to know that there are thousands of species of plants. In order to explore and investigate some of the facts they learned in the class, student participated in outdoors activity.

"A great example of using visits to engage students with STEM and provide them with opportunities to learn from real world experts - well structured and very easy to follow. This would be a good example to share with other teachers." – Dominic Nolan
Lydia Gauci / Sr. Claudia Zammit - St. Francis Primary Cospicua Malta (Malta)

STEM OPPORTUNITIES - Inspiring young students for STEM jobs

For this event stakeholders and personnel from MCA delivered various sessions on robotics. Officers from MCA visited the school and made several presentations aimed at engaging children in STEM through the use of robots and the coding principles behind its movements.

"Photos depict the initiative taken, in particular in gauging the interest of students in applying what they are being taught" – Jeannette Axisa
Lydia Gauci / Sr. Claudia Zammit - St. Francis Primary Cospicua Malta (Malta)

STEM-Technology at School

During this event students practiced a number of programming concepts and creative thinking using Scratch. The main objective behind such sessions was to encourage students to engage in problem solving and to enhance their love for Science Technology & Maths subjects.

"An exciting introduction to the great world of technology and the fascinating careers available. The project was an opportunity for students to see robotics in action, and experience the excitement. Well planned and organized" – Julie McCallum
Stefanie Gauci - St. Thomas More Secondary School St. Lucia, Malta (Malta)


Video Category

For the Video category, 69 entries were submitted. The videos were the most apt form for documenting a science fair or an experiment you have organized, and they are the best way to engage young people pursuing STEM careers. Our jury selected one winner, and through your staggering participation, an additional award  -the Public Award - was given to the video with the largest public support on the STEM Alliance Facebook and Twitter official accounts.

Winner - Jury Vote

Phyto-picture for computer class

Stem-project made by students of grade 7 of Vishnivchik school for the purpose of interesting programming training.

by Svitlana Popel (Світлана Попель) -  Vishnivchik Secondary School, Ternopol region - (Ukraine)

"This video presents an ambitious and demanding project that has given the students the opportunity to experience genuine STEM learning:  all the STEM subjects appear to be embedded in the project.   The video looks good, moves at a suitable pace and does a great job of telling the students story." Dominic Nolan


Winner - Public Award Choice

Application for success!

Stem-project work team grade 4 students. Implementation of STEM education in primary school.

by Anna Savitska -  Chervonogradska School, Lviv region - (Ukraine)

Community Category

No entries for the Community category of the "All-STEM, All-Stars" competition were selected as winners by the jurors, as they did not demonstrate enough how social media can be used for event reporting and storytelling.

STEM Alliance is grateful for all the great entries submitted for the competitions, as well as their level of engagement, which have undoubtedly raised awareness about STEM education. If you want to know more about the competition or check the previous entries, click here.

STEM Alliance congratulates the winners of the competitions and looks forward to seeing them at the High Level Event 2017 that will be host in December in Brussels with STEM Alliance and its partners.