STEM professionals at work vs STEM professionals in spare time

Are you curious what different STEM professionals do at work? What is it like to work as an astrophotographer or a lightning engineer? While the STE(A)M IT project created the Repository of STEM Jobs profiles, a regularly updated gallery of exciting STEM jobs profiles, Dassault Systèmes decided to show the world what STEM professionals do after working hours!

Space Psychologist, Seismologist, Meteorologist Researcher, Cybersecurity Specialist… These are only a few unique STEM-related careers included in the Repository of STEM Jobs profiles created by the STE(A)M IT project. The project collects testimonials of STEM professionals on their impressive STEM careers and shares them in the form of multimedia resources, available free of charge for everyone – students, parents, teachers, career counsellors etc.

These multimedia resources include detailed career sheets, videos and podcasts. The repository is constantly growing, so keep an eye on this gallery of inspiring STEM jobs profiles, as the project publishes a new profile with a new podcast every month! We encourage you to visit the repository at Below you can see one of the videos produced for the repository of STEM Jobs Profiles.

You can listen to the podcasts about the following careers:

Not only STEM professionals are astonishing in their work-life, but they also stand out when it comes to their hobbies and ways of spending their free time. Dassault Systèmes took a closer look at their employees spread all around the world and prepared a series of videos about their unique hobbies and after-work activities. So what do STEM professionals do after work? Have a look at some videos below and find more of them on the dedicated webpage People Stories.