Are you one of the winners of the STEM Alliance & Minecraft: Education Edition Competition 2022?

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Curious to know if you are one of the winners of the STEM Alliance & Minecraft: Education Edition Competition 2022? Check here the names of the three winning teachers!

Within the framework of the STEM Discovery Campaign 2022 and the Minecraft: Education Edition Global Build Championship, the STEM Alliance and Microsoft organized the "STEM Alliance – Minecraft: Education Edition Competition" under the theme "Active Citizen: Building for Peace".

The competition called for teachers and educators that teach learners in primary and secondary schools in Europe to integrate Minecraft: Education Edition in their teaching. Integrating Minecraft: Education Edition in teaching encourage learners to engage in creative thinking, problem solving and a better understanding of democracy, citizenship and peace.

The teachers and educators had to submit a 90-second video with the tour through the Minecraft: Education Edition vision that their learners created.

The winners of the 13 years old and younger category are:

  1. Lia Turkadze, Georgia, "Knowledge" world; Virginie Tijtgat, Belgium, "Connectedness" world.
  2. Sanja Bozinovic, Croatia, "Peaceburg" world; Jostein Kenneth Ryan, Norway, "Building for peace" world.
  3. Vladyslav Hrebelnyk, Ukraine, "House of Peace" world; Simonetta Anelli, Italy, "The path of Peace" world.

The winners of the 14 years old and older category are:

  1. Selçuk Yusuf Arslan, Turkey, "Muhammed Yunus and Social Entrepreneurship" world; Susana Pérez, Spain, "Our peace project" world.
  2. Valeria Iordache, Romania, "Peace brings harmony" world; Marianna Prezzia, Italy, "Green way city" world.
  3. Stefan Pilser, Italy, "The Bridge to end Wars" world.

Congratulations to all the winners!