Why is your company joining the STEM Alliance?

We have always been working with various associations such as the European Society for Engineering Education or the American Society for Engineering Education. By having a common strategy, this group will have enough influence to change STEM perception and create attractiveness. We also want to benefit from the European Schoolnet network and infrastructure to innovate and reinforce our activities with European institutions and use the alliance platform to share existing ready-to-use experiences. For us, improving the attractiveness of STEM jobs and the professional development of STEM teachers in Europe is key. We also want to increase the visibility of our European activities with the European Science Discovery Week.

We definitively want to benefit from:

  • A platform to showcase to the European educators' community new learning practices and new methods that are relevant to the workplace of the future, in view of reenergizing the European industry.
  • A networking environment where we can find pioneering educators or institutions interested in exploring or in inventing further advances in STEM.

Why is STEM Education a priority for your company?

Dassault Systèmes helps academic institutions develop programs to allow students to experience cutting-edge industry practices and encourage a learning-by-doing approach. In numerous countries, student's lack of interest in Science and Engineering will soon create a lack of engineers and technicians for employers. There is a real need to transform education systems to nurture the STEM talents required to address the century's challenges. Essential to this transformation are new educational practices to grow knowledge, skills, and abilities by leveraging the endless capabilities of Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

What does your company want to achieve with its support to the STEM Alliance?

Being on the portal will help us promote our workshops dedicated to teachers who want to change the way they teach STEM. On http://academy.3ds.com/lab/ we also have dozens of experiences to be replicated at schools and universities; we will provide access for free to those pedagogical materials.

We also could imagine that our educational innovation partners share the outcomes of their work together with Dassault Systèmes with the educators who will access the STEM Alliance portal.