Why is your company joining the STEM Alliance?

Lenovo sees its role within the Alliance as collaborative in support of the need to empower teachers and students (including future STEM educators) in STEM subjects. Collaboration here means working with schools and partners to deliver solutions best designed to provide the optimum classroom environment. In joining the STEM Alliance Lenovo seeks to align and collaborate with other Alliance members and play a full part, as the world's biggest PC supplier, in design of computing solutions optimised for school environments.

Why is STEM Education a priority for your company?

As a leading innovator in PC technology, Lenovo understands the role engineers and scientists play in the evolution of our own products; from Smart Phones, to Tablets, to high performance servers, and everything in between. With this in mind, we want to encourage and support those pursuing a STEM career.

Many of the major challenges the world faces today and in the future will be addressed by the skills acquired by those working in STEM. The importance of STEM careers to our future cannot be underestimated, so all that Lenovo can do as a responsible employer and provider of IT solutions to enhance the teaching, learning, and subsequent roles in technology, science, engineering and mathematics is of utmost importance.

It is clear today that many students across the globe lack the confidence and ability, as well as the exposure to technology, to equip themselves with the skills to succeed in tomorrow's workforce. Lenovo, along with our partners, has a role to play in reversing this through working closely with students, teachers, policy makers, and education solution companies. So, STEM education remains a priority for Lenovo going forward.

Finally, as a leading global IT company operating in 60 countries and selling into around 160 countries, Lenovo must take a role not just in provision of IT solutions, but in persuading and encouraging those considering a future in STEM that it is of value and rewarding. Lenovo engineers are some of the leaders in their fields, so our promotion and support of STEM, and therefore our own future innovators and engineers, is core to our strategy.

What does your company want to achieve with its support to the STEM Alliance?

Lenovo's key focus in the Alliance falls into a number of categories.

Firstly, our role is to design and deliver IT which can be deployed in the fields of educational to empower teaching and learning. Lenovo wants to support teachers and pupils in their pursuit of STEM education. However, we cannot fulfil this goal without partnerships with school and other industry experts. We seek a collaborative environment to better understand the needs of schools to enable us to develop solutions that schools demand and deserve.

Secondly, Lenovo wants to be a "mentor company" to support those pursuing STEM qualifications and careers, and to those engaged in facilitating this. Through the Alliance we wish to provide examples of real-world STEM opportunities and careers. Lenovo seeks to support educators so that they can better understand the demands from industry to provide more engaging experiences for their students. In this way we want to help reverse the trend away from STEM into a pipeline for STEM careers.

Thirdly, Lenovo drives an internal culture of innovation. Our products have frequently led the way in Information Technology, and we maintain a constant drive to innovate and share new ways of working with our customers. Lenovo wants to encourage this spirit of innovation in educators and learners.