Why is your company joining the STEM Alliance?

Axalta Coating Systems is actively involved in the communities where our customers and employees live and work, and we are passionate about enabling a well-trained, highly-skilled workforce who is able to handle the technological and innovation challenges of today and into the future. As a manufacturer of industrial and transportation coatings, the science of what Axalta does attracts people in STEM-based careers.
This means STEM education is fundamental to the economic growth of the countries and communities where we do business. Technology is ever-changing and Axalta continues to find new ways to respond to these challenges. One of those ways is by collaborating with organisations such as the STEM Alliance.
Through our membership of the STEM Alliance we can continue our strong focus of supporting programmes that align with our business, and help to raise the STEM educational standards within the EMEA region.

Why is STEM Education a priority for your company?

STEM is vital to everything Axalta does as we are a technology-based organisation that creates durable and beautiful coatings for our customers. Our technologies, products, services, and programmes are linked directly to science, technology, engineering and math. We support STEM initiatives at many universities and schools around the globe, and we look for new ways to stay a leader of the coatings industry whether it's offering internships, employing the best and the brightest, or delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers.
By partnering with the STEM Alliance, we have an opportunity to increase our school-based efforts in the European Union. This is an exciting way for us to reach hundreds of pupils, to talk not only about the science of coatings but also the many varied engineering, technical and scientific roles our employees hold. We can also encourage the next generation of STEM professionals to help companies like Axalta continue to evolve and to become better through new technologies as well as resolutions to today's environmental and conservation challenges.

Our STEM focus is also aligned with our deep commitment to responsible sustainability, which is central to Axalta's business - from environmental and social performance, to commercial initiatives and governance. Axalta's manufacturing sites and R&D centers on five continents are designed to minimise our impact on the environment. Many of our products and application technologies are developed to support our own sustainability goals as well as those of our customers by increasing productivity and reducing emissions, energy use, and waste. We engage with a variety of stakeholders to listen, to learn and to find ways to continually improve our performance. 

What does your company want to achieve with its support to the STEM Alliance?

We have initiated several successful collaborations to support STEM education throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and other parts of the world. Our partnerships include working with organisations that create STEM-specific curriculum for school-aged children, working with science museums on exhibits about STEM, and working with high school and college students on careers in STEM.
Axalta also has an internship programme in which university students become part of a functional team and work on the science of coatings or the math needed to become a US$4.1 billion-dollar global business. These STEM collaborations are founded in a desire to contribute to economic development in our communities and to help students become career professionals who help society.

By joining the STEM Alliance, we can make a difference, particularly in younger age groups just starting their educational journeys. By starting young, and with strong support that they may otherwise not get, these students will ultimately be well-prepared for exciting careers in the future, possibly even in the coatings industry. We are also encouraged by the idea of enabling and motivating teachers to stay up to date with today's real-life industry challenges and developments, which can help to shape the young students' experiences.