Elias Robot


Their Solution:

The only way to learn a new language is to speak it. However, in classrooms, students do not get a lot of opportunities to practice speaking, and are often set back by the fear of making mistakes. Elias Robot changes the way of learning and teaching languages by using AI and robots. It is a combination of fun and effective robot-assisted learning, and a gamified voice app that allows children to practice speaking skills at any time and place, without the fear of failure. The benefits of Elias Robot are scientifically proven: fun and engagement, increased emotional safety and accessibility (University of Tampere 2019).

Elias Robot received the Best-in-Class award within the EC-Commission funded IMPACT EdTech project, for being one of the most high-performing SME/start-ups in the Programme.

Their Mission:

Elias's mission is to provide emotionally safe, accessible and engaging environments for everyone, and find its origin in the expertise of Finnish pedagogists. Thanks to their teacher tools, lessons are more interactive and learning data can be used to create individual learning paths. Positive reinforcement and gamified feedback, create new ways of learning languages!

Why is innovation/curiosity/pushing the boundaries in education technology important to you?

Innovations are important in education technology as they allow us to approach the problems we have with a new eye, as if we were looking at them for the first time. Innovations change the world, and with edtech innovations like Elias Robot, we can make education - and our future better.