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The one pagers are short informative leaflet (one page lenght) which explain the purpose and ojective of the initiative. You can use them for email or peer communication.

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Do you want to organise exciting and special activities that show the link between #STEM education and careers? With STEM Professionals Go Back To School you can make a difference and impact students future path by showing them how exciting STEM professions are! The #PGB2S bring back professionals in class to close the gap between industry and education.
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Would you like to make a difference in students' professional future? Then the STEM Professionals Go Back To School scheme is what you are looking for!
The #PGB2S is a @STEMAllianceeu scheme that will give company professionals (technicians, scientists, engineers, researchers or employment and recruiting managers) the opportunity to visit schools and participate in collaborative activities to spark an interest in students' mind about #STEM careers!
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I am writing you to introduce you the "STEM Professionals Go Back To School" (PGB2S) scheme that I/my company/my school is participating to.

The "STEM Professionals Go Back To School" (PGB2S) scheme is a STEM Alliance programme to engage company professionals (technicians, engineers, researchers, employment managers, etc.) to visit schools and participate in collaborative activities for one hour to half a day.

STEM Alliance  provides an ecosystem to support, on one side, the school to prepare and organise the event and the visit, and on the other side the STEM professionals to make sure the contribution during the visit in the school is meaningful.

The scheme is an initiative of the STEM Alliance jointly coordinated by European Schoolnet and CSR Europe.

For more information, you can check the PGB2S Informative Brochure for teachers and professionals.

Shape the future generation of STEM careers with the "STEM Professional Go Back To School" Scheme!

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