Welcome to the tool of the STEM Alliance initiative Professionals Go Back to School. If you wish to know more about the initiative, please, read here

The STEM Alliance portal legal statements and privacy policy apply also to the use of this tool. Please, read them before using the tool.

Please, also notice that, if you register for using this tool

  • your name and organisation name (as indicated in your STEM Alliance profile) and the information of your Back To School Activity Profile will be available in the Search process and displayed for all users
  • your email contact, as indicated in the STEM Alliance profile, will be shared with any user you send a Contact request to or you accept a Contact request from.
  • the information of the Activities (My Activities tab) you add to the tool will be displayed publicly in the PGBS campaign map, any time you create a new activity or edit an existing activity
  • In case you are encountering difficulties with the tool, please send an email to stemalliance@eun.org for assistance.

 Please click here here to download the STEM Professionals Go Back To School Tool User Guide.

Professionals Go Back to School Tool

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