Webinar: Stories from Amgen scholars and the transition from school-to-work

Webinars Outline and Links

The STEM Alliance, in cooperation with its partners, organised two webinars on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th of April 2017. Both webinars took place from 17:30 to 18:30 (CET).

Webinars Summary

The purpose of the ‘Amgen Scholars & transition from school-to-work' webinars was to provide primary and secondary (STEM) school teachers with insights into the Amgen Scholars Program, and the potential STEM career pathways available.

The Amgen Scholars Program, funded by the Amgen Foundation is an undergraduate summer research program in science and biotechnology. Each year hundreds of selected undergraduates are given the opportunity to engage in hands-on research at 17 of the world's premier educational institutions across Europe, the U.S. and Japan.

The first webinar, on Thursday the 27th, featured Lela Okromelidze from GeorgiaFifth Year Student at the Tbilisi State Medical University, a 2015 Japan Amgen Scholar.

The second webinar, on Friday the 28th, focused on Marta Andres Terre, Ph.D. from Spain, Candidate, Immunology at Stanford, a 2010 Europe Amgen Scholar.

Both webinars were organized in two sections: during the introduction, participants were provided with information regarding the Amgen Scholars Program, while in the second part, the two Amgen Scholars alumni spoke of their journey and evolution as top STEM professionals, and shared their advice with teachers, who are currently preparing their students for STEM careers.

The webinars were organized by STEM Alliance and European Schoolnet and were featured as part of the Opening Minds to STEM Careers MOOC which is designed to train and empower primary and secondary (STEM) school teachers in how to guide and inspire their students towards STEM careers. 


You can find the recording of the webinars here:

My Transition from School to University and Career in STEM - Lela Okromelidze - 27th April 2017

During the first webinar, Lela Okromelidze, a fifth-year student at the Tbilisi State Medical University (and 2015 Japan Amgen Scholar) shared her transition from school to university, including the international programs she has taken part in. In particular, Lela emphasized how her family and chemistry and biology teachers influenced her decision to embark on a STEM career.

My Journey - Marta Andres Terre - 28th April 2017

During the second webinar, Marta Andres Terre, Ph.D. Candidate of Immunology at Stanford (and 2010 Europe Amgen Scholar) shared her academic journey, including her participation in three different research projects and her current pathway to receive her PhD (studying the heterogeneity of infection). Finally, she also spoke about the importance of friends and mentors who supported her along the way.

Webinar Presentations - Amgen Scholars

Amgen Scholars Programme

 Lela Okromelidze

Marta Andres Terre