Hacking Future Skills: Computer Science Education

Date & time: Thursday, 25 June 2020 at 15:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)

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European Schoolnet, the STEM Alliance, and Microsoft organised the "Hacking Future Skills: Computer Science Education" virtual event that was held on the 25th June 2020.


The goal of the event was to explore the current situation of Computing Education in Europe and explore different approaches, reforms and initiatives aiming to equip the future generation with the skills they need. The event was consisted of two sessions:

  • 15:00 – 16:45: The first session focused on policy making, and experts and decision makers shared their experience in tackling the rapid changes in education and the important role that computing curriculum can play. A panel discussion was held with representatives from the national ministries of education of Croatia, Estonia, and Norway.
  • 17:00 – 18:30: The second session was instead dedicated to practitioners and teachers, who shared their success stories of sparking the interest and curiosity for computer science in children with various tools, such as Minecraft for Education and Micro:bit. We also had a hands-on demo and practical exercise led by Microsoft Product Teams.


Agenda: (click on the image to see the full document)

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