Chemistry For You

Using EPCA educational films to enhance chemistry lessons and learn about careers in STEM

Supported by EPCA - The European Petrochemical Association

What is it?

EPCA is the quality network in Europe for the global chemical business community consisting of chemical producers, their suppliers, customers and service providers. EPCA is dedicated to encouraging young girls and boys to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and develops campaigns to support their interest in STEM subjects.

Within this framework, EPCA has produced three education films and six role models films.

The three education films are aimed at 10-18 year olds students and provide guidelines to teachers on how to make chemistry lessons more attractive.

These EPCA films are:

  1. Petro & Chemistry: Partnership for a Better Life (Duration: 3'15'' – 14 language versions)
  2. Science: Where can it take you? (Duration: 2'13'' – 14 language versions)
  3. Chemistry: All about you (Duration: 3'12'' – 15 language versions)

EPCA has also produced six role models films. The films are portraits of chemical industry experts who share their experiences of working in the sector, explaining their jobs, educational backgrounds and paths. Watching the films, students can hear their stories and learn how studying STEM can open a variety of career paths.

EPCA, in collaboration with European Schoolnet, has also designed a booklet for teachers (Guidelines for teachers and lesson plans to support you and your students in the preparation of your lesson), available in 10 languages, with suggestions for 4 different lesson plans.

Each lesson plan includes brief and clear suggestions to implement: stages, aims, resources and timing. Finally, 6 thematic modules offer all the necessary content to prepare the lessons: background information, additional resources, inspirational practices to complement the lessons and to develop other activities (create a poster presentation, carry out experiments etc.). 

Who is it for?

The films and the guidelines are aimed primarily at students, their parents and secondary school teachers for activities with 10-18 years old students.

They can be inspirational and useful also for organising activities in other learning contexts, such as civil society organisation (science museums, science centre etc.) and in vocational and informal contexts. 

What are the strengths and opportunities?

The approach of the films is fresh and user friendly and the content focuses on the relations between chemistry and our daily lives, making complex scientific and technical concepts reachable to young students. The role models films allow young people to explore the world of work in a quick way and motivate them to learn more about career opportunities.

The short duration (1' to 3') makes it easy to embed their view within any kind of activities. They can be used together, as a series, or watched in different times, followed by other in-class activities.

They are available in at least 14 languages. 

Tips and tricks

The films can be used to support a wide range of activities related to STEM subjects, including information on career opportunities and the world of work.

  • Introductory lessons and reflection sessions on chemistry and the relation between chemistry as school subject, the sector and its careers
  • Games on careers, interests and vocational choices for younger students
  • School projects and simulations to support career counselling activities for secondary level students
  • Prepare students for visits to working places, mentoring initiatives and internships
  • Prepare interviews and visits by experts to the school