European Schoolnet and CSR Europe act as coordinating bodies of the STEM Alliance, the initiative also counts with the support of major industries and private partners. In this section, a collection of publications from each of the STEM Alliance partners is available.

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  1. European Schoolnet (2015) Computing our future: Computer programming and coding - Priorities, school curricula and initiatives across Europe. Brussels, EUN.

  2. European Schoolnet, DIGITALEUROPE (2015) The eSkills Manifesto 2015. Brussels, EUN.

  3. European Schoolnet (2015) Innovation in your classroom. Learning with colleagues from across Europe. Brussels, EUN.

  4. F. Van Assche et al. (2015) Re-engineering the Uptake of ICT in Schools. Brussels, EUN.

  5. European Schoolnet (2015) Scientix 2 Results: How Scientix adds value to STEM education. Brussels, EUN.

  6. European Schoolnet (2014) A parents' guide to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Brussels, EUN.

  7. European Commission, European Schoolnet (2013) Survey of Schools: ICT in Education. Benchmarking Access, Use and Attitudes to Technology in Europe's Schools. Final Study Report. Brussels, EUN.

  1. CSR Europe (2016) EU STEM Coalition: STEM skills for a future proof Europe. Fostering Innovation, Growth and Jobs by bridging the EU STEM Skills Mismatch. The Hague, STEM Coalition.
  1. AMGEN Foundation (2016) Students on STEM: More hands on, real-world experiences. Change the equation. AMGEN Foundation.

  2. AMGEN Foundation (2016) A Business Leader's Guide to Mobilizing State Action on STEM. Change the equation. AMGEN Foundation.

  3. AMGEN Foundation (2016) Left to Chance: U.S. Middle Schoolers Lack in-Depth Experience with Technology and Engineering. Change the equation. AMGEN Foundation.

  4. AMGEN Foundation (2016) Science ed: What students want. Change the equation. AMGEN Foundation.

  5. AMGEN Foundation (2016) DESIGNPRINCIPLES 3.0 for Effective STEM Philanthropy. Change the equation. AMGEN Foundation.

  6. AMGEN Foundation (2016) DESIGNPRINCIPLES RUBRIC 3.0. Change the equation. AMGEN Foundation.
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  1. CA Technology (2017) White Paper: CA Technologies corporate social responsibility in Europe.
  2. CA Technologies (2017) « Donne e digital transformation: binomio vincente » (Women and digital transformation, binomial success) NetConsulting, CA Technologies, Fondazione Soliditas.
  1. Cisco (2011) Cloud computing delivers education to millions. Cisco Public Information.

  2. Cisco (2016) Leading a Digital Transformation. How to use E-rate and the power of digital to transform education. Cisco Public Information.

  3. Cisco (2015) Digital Technology at the Heart of Further Education. Cisco Public Information.

  4. Cisco (2016) 7 Ways to Be a Global Problem Solver in Your Community.
  1. Dassault Systèmes (2015) Academia. Innovate in educational practices.
  1. The European Petrochemical Association (2017). Improving Diversity and Inclusion: A Guide to Best Practices for the Global Petrochemical Industry

  2. The European Petrochemical Association (2015) Chemicals for you.

  3. The European Petrochemical Association (2015) Bertha Benz's historic drive with world's first automobile. Belgium. EPCA.

  4. The European Petrochemical Association (2015) 49th EPCA Annual Meeting. Education Session.

  5. The European Petrochemical Association (2014) 48th EPCA Annual Meeting. Education Workshop.
  1. IBM Education (2016) Personalised education: From curriculum to career with cognitive systems. IBM Corporation.

  2. IBM Education (2015) Pursuit of relevance: How higher education remains viable in a dynamic world. IBM Corporation. IBM Institute for Business Value.

  3. IBM Education (2016) Personalised education: From curriculum to career with cognitive systems. IBM Corporation.

  4. IBM Institute for Business Value (2016) Facing the storm: Navigating the global skills crisis. Executive report, IBM.
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  1. Lego Mindstorm, Case study: STEAM teacher uses robotics to help his science students take charge of their own learning! LEGO Education.

  2. Lego Mindstorm, Case study: One Teacher's Journey with the Evolution of LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education — RCX, NXT, EV3. LEGO Education.

  3. Lego Mindstorm, Case study: The whimsical life of a LEGO® Education Master Trainer… LEGO Education.

  4. Moore Educational. Curriculum links. Mathematics, Science, Technologies. (Online)

  5. Lego Lesson plans. LEGO Education community. Resources. (Online) Available from:[Accessed on 27/01/2016]

  6. Simple and powered machines. Teachers guide. LEGO Education. (Online) Available from:[Accessed on 27/01/2016]
  1. Lenovo Education. White Paper for Education. STEM success: How technology can drive STEM education for better student outcomes [Online] Intel, Lenovo. Available from:[Accessed on 27/01/2016]

  2. Lenovo Education. White Paper for Education. Seven ways to boost 1:1 Program Success. [Online] Intel, Lenovo. Available from:[Accessed on 27/01/2016]

  3. Lenovo Education. K-12 Cloud computing. Moving past the barriers. Intel, Lenovo. Available from:[Accessed on 27/01/2016]

  4. Overview for Education. Discover the Rich Capabilities of Chrome Apps for Education. Intel, Lenovo. Available from:
  1. Microsoft (2016) ICT Tools for STEM Teaching and Learning. Transformation Framework. Microsoft Corporation.

  2. Microsoft (2017) Why Europe's girls aren't studying STEM. Microsoft Philanthropies Inc. [Accessed on 08/03/2017]

  3. Microsoft (2016) Future proof yourself – tomorrow's jobs. Microsoft, The Future Laboratory. [Accessed on 22/05/2017]
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