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The STEM Alliance – inGenious Education and industry, brings together Industries, Ministries of Education and education stakeholders to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education and careers to young European's and address anticipated future skills gaps within the European Union.

The STEM Alliance builds on the success of the inGenious initiative (2011-2014) to increase the links between STEM education and careers, by involving schools throughout Europe.

With the support of major industries and private partners, the STEM Alliance for inGenious Education and Industry activities promote STEM jobs in all industrial sectors and contribute to build a STEM-skilled workforce. The STEM Alliance will join forces to improve and promote existing industry-education STEM initiatives (at national, European and global levels) and contribute to innovation in STEM teaching at all levels of education.


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This infograph demonstrates the great progress STEM Alliance made since its inception. You can also download an older version of the infograph that STEM Alliance issued in 2016 here.


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The continued substantial shortage of STEM skilled workers seriously jeopardises the success of the European economy. This affects all industrial sectors and slows down the pace of innovation, which in turn has adverse effects on employment and productivity in the related industries. Consequently, the shortage of STEM professionals at all levels weakens Europe's ability to compete globally.

Industry and the Ministries of Education have agreed to work together to improve the situation of STEM education in Europe. They will collaborate under a new initiative called the STEM Alliance, which will further build on the achievements obtained by the inGenious platform.


Within the STEM Alliance initiative, Industry and Ministries of Education join forces to:

  • Support the competitiveness of companies by ensuring a STEM-skilled workforce;
  • Promote the attractiveness and importance of STEM studies and STEM jobs in schools;
  • Contribute to innovation in STEM teaching in schools;
  • Improve and promote existing education STEM initiatives supported by industry;
  • Enhance industry-education collaboration at national level across all Member States


The STEM Alliance is coordinated by both European Schoolnet and CSR Europe. The STEM Alliance is supported by a core group of founding partners and a larger group of general partners. The activities are accessible to as many partners as possible. Find more information about the benefits that STEM Alliance brings to industry here.

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