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European Schoolnet's STEM Alliance is a growing network of industry and education stakeholders who are working to encourage and inspire young people to pursue STEM careers. European Schoolnet is the EU network of 33 European Ministries of Education.

The Alliance was created to address an unprecedented STEM skills shortage in Europe. Low interest in STEM careers, declining performance in traditional STEM learning, and the digital literacy gap are resulting in ever fewer STEM graduates – limiting not just innovation, but our ability to address global issues like climate change, mobility, and energy.

To meet this challenge, the Alliance focuses on three areas:

  • Developing teachers by exploring and promoting innovative practises in STEM teaching
  • Facilitating STEM engagement by helping industry partners develop and deliver in-school activities and competitions
  • Driving STEM education policy by coordinating the agenda between education, industry, and European policy makers

Linked to a network of 33 Ministries of Education, our outreach programmes have developed an unrivalled reach within education. In 2021, the Alliance and its 20 partners delivered over 2,000 activities in more than 9,000 schools – reaching over 22,000 teachers and 122,000 students across Europe.


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What we do

Through both direct and partner-led engagement, the Alliance delivers a diverse programme of activities across teacher development, student engagement, and education policy. All activity is driven by our seven key actions, the agreed framework for meeting the Alliance's mission.

Developing teachers

The Alliance provides continuous professional development to over 22,000 teachers and educators every year. Our activities include:

  • Webinars covering topics ranging from teaching guides to emerging methodologies – with each presentation delivered by an industry expert and including real-world career experience
  • Online events that bring together industry, educators, and Ministries of Education to share best practice and discuss new innovations in STEM teaching
  • Online Courses designed to equip educators with the tools and materials required to integrate STEM resources in their classes
  • The Career Advisers Network, helping teachers to better understand STEM career paths and their educational needs
  • A resources library that includes reports, teaching resources, and industry studies

Facilitating STEM engagement

Working with our industry partners, the Alliance delivers engagement programmes to over 122,000 students each year. Our activities include:

  • Annual campaigns encouraging and promoting STEM projects in schools, universities, and clubs across Europe, and backed by resources and initiatives from industry
  • Competitions
  • that encourage schools to utilise the learning resources available from our partners, with winners eligible for awards and broader recognition
  • Pilot programmes to help partners validate new teaching materials or procedures through testing and optimisation

Driving STEM education policy

The Alliance brings together 33 European Ministries of Education, local education providers, and industry stakeholders to explore solutions to the STEM skills shortage. Our activities include:

  • Research and reports, developed via collaboration between industry and education stakeholders, on a range of issues surrounding educational policy and the STEM landscape
  • Our annual conference, the STEM High Level Event, which helps set the European STEM education agenda on a political level

Benefits of partnership

Alliance partners are connected to an unrivalled network of industry, educators, and Ministries of Education across Europe. It provides an ideal way to boost your profile, showcase your commitment to STEM education, and drive strategic policy at a pan-European level.

Connect with educators

  • Reach a growing audience of over 122,000 students and 22,000 teachers in more than 9,000 schools across Europe
  • Develop partnerships with education stakeholders on local, national, and European levels during our networking events
  • Attend workshops with teachers and career advisers to create relevant, industry-focused educational strategies for STEM careers
  • Share news and promote your STEM related activities to a targeted list of teachers in our quarterly published Newsletter
  • Benefit from annual campaigns and competitions that boost the reach of your existing outreach materials

Develop engagement programmes

  • Access expert advice on developing in-school activities and resources, including content validation and pilot programmes
  • Standardise and enhance your existing outreach programmes with our extensive tools, resources, and sector knowledge
  • Get direct feedback from schools on your professional STEM practices and training from an educational perspective

Raise your profile

  • Boost your company's visibility at European level via STEM-related media publications
  • Speak at conferences and online events with audiences of education stakeholders and policy makers
  • Lead webinars and workshops that highlight your industry expertise among teachers and education providers
  • Collaborate on research examining the STEM landscape and help to inform strategic recommendations for policymakers

Contact us

  • Luigi Prisco (luigi.prisco@eun.org) STEM Alliance Support Coordinator
  • Rocio Benito (rocio.benito@eun.org) Press and Communications Coordinator