Event Category


If you are a teacher or a career councellor for primary/secondary school students and you are currently in countries of the European Union or associated to the European Union (for a list of these countries, see the competition guidelines), you can participate in the event category of the "All-STEM, All-stars" competition!

Step 1

Announce your event to promote STEM studies and careers for young people by filling out the form below. 

When filling out the form, select a category for your event in the form below that you think best suits the theme of the activity. The five categories are:

  • MOVE: Aerospace, aeronautics, construction, defence, manufacturing (automotive, paper, steel, shipbuilding) and transport industries
  • CARE: Food, timber, fishing, water, cosmetics and health care industries
  • TRANSFORM: Chemical (petrochemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical), Energy industries
  • INFORM: Telecommunications, mass media, computer (software), digital economy, information, robotics, education industry
  • OTHER: to be specified by the submitter

If the activity involves a company or other type of science organisation which does not belong to the list, you can select Other and specify in the description if needed.

Once you've submitted your event, we will contact you by the email provided in the form and inform you on the steps to follow. 

Step 2

Organise event(s) during the competition period, taking place from 26th September 2016 to 28th March 2017. Shape bright minds and bright futures with STEM careers. You can organise one or several activities - here are some ideas on what you can do:

  • Organise a marathon on STEM jobs in your school
  • Invite a professional from an industry or local company in your school to talk about STEM sector and careers
  • Organise a poster presentation in your school on STEM topics
  • Organise a visit in a company with your school
  • Bring a researcher to your classroom
  • Organise a visit to a science centre
  • Or any other type of event to celebrate STEM Education and STEM Skills!

The more people involved, the better! Try to include other companies or teachers and including the STEM Alliance logo in your event and you will receive extra points!

Step 3

Submit a report after your event, through the link you will have received by email from STEM Alliance as a result of Step 1. Some of the details we'd request will be:

  • details on the preparation of the event
  • how the event was integrated in classroom activity
  • how stakeholders were involved
  • how many schools, teachers, pupils, companies, company's representative and other science and stakeholders were involved
  • the programme and materials from the event