STEM Ahead Events Competition


If you are a teacher or a career councellor for primary/secondary school students and you are currently in countries of the European Union or associated to the European Union (for a list of these countries, see the competition guidelines), you can participate in the event category of the "All-STEM, All-stars" competition!

Step 1

Announce your event to promote STEM studies and careers for young people by filling out the form below. 

Once you have submitted you upcoming event, STEM Alliance will:

  • confirm by email that your submission was received and provide you with information on the next steps to complete your participation in the competition;
  • publish it on the STEM Alliance competition map which will be available on the the competition's main landing page.

Step 2

Organise event(s) during the competition period, taking place from 4 September 2017 to 17 November 2017. The main idea is to demonstrate that teachers are shapers of future bright minds with STEM professionals' visits to schools ("Professionals Go Back To School" scheme) and teachers' placement in companies ("Teacher placement initiatives – Collection of best practices"). Organise one or several of the following activities:

  • Organise a visit from a STEM professional from an industry or local company to your class/school to demonstrate an example of STEM career activities in action (extra points will be given to teachers using the PGB2S tool);
  • Invite a professional from an industry or local company to participate in an online session and talk about STEM sector and careers (extra points will be given to teachers using the PGB2S tool);
  • Organisation a school visit to an industry or local company to demonstrate an example of STEM career activities in action;
  • Spend some time as teacher in a company to update your STEM skills and learn about the industry world and career existing in STEM;
  • Organise a marathon or a fair on STEM jobs in your school;
  • Organise a poster presentation on STEM topics in your school or in premises of a local company;
  • Organise a visit to a science centre;
  • Or any other type of event to celebrate STEM Education and STEM Skills!

The aim of these activities should be the contextualisation of STEM teaching, career guidance, and the attractiveness of STEM jobs, raising the interest of students for STEM subjects and careers by demonstrating real-life role models of STEM professionals and bringing students to the companies' world.

Step 3

After your event took place, submit a report through the link you will have received by email from STEM Alliance as a result of step 1. You will be asked to share a report with:

  • detailed plan explaining how you prepared the event,
  • how it was integrated in your classroom activity,
  • in which way stakeholders were involved,
  • how many schools, teachers, pupils, companies, company's representative and other possible stakeholders were involved,
  • programme and material from the event (poster, leaflet, lesson plan, etc.)

In case an event is planned to take place on the same day as the deadline for the competition, which is the 17 November 2017, a submitter of this event will have time until the 19 November 2017, 23:59 CET to submit a report for this specific event and thus finalise the submission. This particular rule does not apply to any events that will happen before the 17 November 2017.